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81 grants were announced on 1 July 2011 by the Hon. Ted Baillieu, Premier and Minister for the Arts.


Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc

Information Storage & Delivery

Awarded: $2,000

Purchase a lap top and a projector screen and deliver illustrated talks to history societies and other organisations about Australia’s first poet of note, Adam Lindsay Gordon. The equipment will be in valuable to us and last a lifetime. We have our own digital projector.


Monbulk Historical Society

Establishment of a Collection Management System for records held by Monbulk Historical Society

Awarded: $2,925

Purchase the software, “Maxus Collections for Museums” and progressively transfer the historic records and photos of MHS onto this data base, installed on our existing computer.


Melbourne Hebrew Congregation 

Highlighting Melbourne’s Jewish Colonial Past

Awarded: $4,500

Collate and curate an exhibition of historical items, documents, photographs and momentos reflecting the history and integration of Melbourne’s colonial jewish people and the formation of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, Victoria’s first Jewish House of Worship.


Nepean Historical Society Inc 

Alexander Black’s pre-Federation Contour Map 1891

Awarded: $568

Conserve and preserve thee contour map of the Mornington peninsula published in December 1891.


Jamieson & District Historical Society Inc

Book publication Jamieson: Emporium of the Ranges

Awarded: $4,500

Produce a 200 page A4 hard cover book Jamieson: Emporium of the Ranges, written by Dr Brian Lloyd, recounting the story of 150 years of settlement of the Jamieson district in the Upper Goulburn Valley.


Yinnar & District Community Association

Guide for History Walk

Awarded: $2,658

Design and print a guide to the historical signage in the town of Yinnar, to create a Yinnar History Walk for residents and visitors.


Friends of Cheltenham & Regional Cemeteries Inc

Commemorating the 1926 Caulfield Railway Disaster

Awarded: $3,200

Publish a book on the 1926 Caulfield Railway disaster to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the event in May 2011.


Yallourn Association (Owned by Yallourn Old Girls Association Inc)

Virtual Yallourn

Awarded: $8,000.00

The Virtual Yallourn project is an interactive model of the lost township of Yallourn on the website The database behind the virtual town will be able to be updated on an ongoing basis to allow other residents to add further information over time.


Gippsland Immigration Park Inc

Stories from the Wall

Awarded: $3,000.00

This project will give voice to the immigrants whose names are recorded on the Gippsland Immigration Wall of Recognition by creating a book in which their stories are told. If successful this would be the first of a series.


Mount Rouse & District Historical Society

Digitising the Mount Rouse Shire Rate Books

Awarded: $1,383.00

Digitise 5 rolls of 16mm microfilm (covering Mount Rouse Shire Rate books 1863-1951) to DVD. Digitising will preserve the records and enable accessibility to researchers and the general public.


Edenhope & District Historical Society

Local Histories of Kowree Shire

Awarded: $10,196.00

Publish a book to preserve the history of individual life stories acquired through recorded interviews with senior citizens of the former Kowree Shire in S-W Victoria (now part of the West Wimmera Shire).


Goldfields Historical & Arts Society

Seeing the past through a clear future

Awarded: $5,780

Replace dangerous glass in order to keep the public safe and to increase museum research area.


Glenelg Shire Council Cultural Collection

Rediscovering Portland – a snapshot of time

Awarded: $5,830

In partnership with the Portland Historical Society and Portland Family History Group, develop a photographic exhibition from a previously “unknown” collection of glass plate negatives from c.1890 to 1910, for display at Portland Arts Centre.


Terang & District Family History Group Inc

Reprint Terang & District Pioneer Register Pre 1900

Awarded: $3,000

Reprint Terang & District Pioneer Register Pre 1990 (first published in 1996).


Mirrimbeena Aboriginal Education Group Inc

Cultural Connection to Community

Awarded: $9,000

Research and document the historical connections, happenings and events of the Yorta Yorta Tribes in North Central Victoria and produce a book depicting this history.


The Jewish Cultural Centre & National Library Kadimah

Conversion of Historic Yiddish Audio Tapes to Digital Format

Awarded: $2,420

Transfer historic audio (tapes) of interviews of hundreds of prominent identities in the Yiddish language. The data contained in the audio tapes depicts and explains the life in Europe prior to the Wars and upon migration to Melbourne following the wars.


Altona Laverton Historical Society

Altona Laverton Historical Society Web Development

Awarded: $3,840

Develop a website enabling greater community access to the society’s historical collections including documents, photographs and stories of the history of the area.


Castlemaine Historical Society Inc

Filming/Digitisation Castlemaine Mails 1984-2004

Awarded: $9,000

Microfilm the Castlemaine Mails 1984 – 2004 to assist researchers at the CHSI respository and research centre.


Sea Lake Historical Society

Sea Lake Centenary Photos

Awarded: $3,000

Develop and digitise 33 rolls of black and white film which capture the creation of a township, the establishment of farms and the setting up of facilities in rural Mallee communities. The digitised images will be made available for exhibition and posted on the internet.


Mansfield Historical Society Inc

Mosaic Family History Project

Awarded: $8,026

Create a professional platform for collections management and family history research by cataloguing and cross-referencing 6000 photos and 100 family histories from the Mansfield district using Collections Mosaic Plus software.


Murrabit Promotions Committee Inc

Murrabit Heritage Trail

Awarded: $5,000

Establish a self drive heritage trail to preserve and promote the history of Murrabit and district.


Ballan Shire Historical Society Incorporated

Local Newspaper Binding Project

Awarded: $1,360

Professional standard binding of our most recent seven annual cumulations of the local Ballan weekly newspaper.


Charlton Golden Grains Museum Inc

Microfilming & digitisation of the Charlton Tribune 1957 – 1981

Awarded: $2,000

Microfilm & digitise the Charlton Tribune from the year 1957 until its closure in 1981.


Friends of J Ward Inc

History of J Ward – A Video Record

Awarded: $9,420

Create an historic record of J Ward/Old Ararat Gaol on DVD, to run as a continuous visual/audio presentation (on a television screen) in the J Ward museum.


Lorne Historical Society Inc

Project FreezeFrame

Awarded: $5,000

Production of interactive displays and videos which integrate the scanned photographs, old movie footage and commentary.


Tempy Commemorative Project Committee

Tempy Settlers Commemoration Signage

Awarded: $1,448

Install a 2.4 metre long by 1.2 metre high sign acknowledging the history of the area. This sign will be erected in a prominent position, at the Tempy Wayside Stop, adjacent to the busy Henty Highway.


Wangaratta Historical Society Inc

Cataloguing the Museum Acquisition Register

Awarded: $6,143

Catalogue the Wangaratta Historical Society paper based collection using Inmagic software.


El Dorado Museum Association Incorporated

Woolshed Valley Interpretive Signage

Awarded: $7,669

Develop interpretative signage to tell the stories and history of the Woolshed Valley including the towns, buildings, bridges and other important features.


Deddick Valley Isolated Community Group

Tubbut Tales

Awarded: $2,800

Conduct and record interviews with residents in the local area and digitise old photographs and documents. The records will be stored in a central repository for use by local residents.


Tatura & District Historical Society

Digitisation of World War II Camps Collection

Awarded: $3,000

Digitise and place on hard disk copies of the recollections, records, photos, craft work and memorabilia of former German, Italian and Japanese Internees and prisoners of war held in the seven camps in the Tatura area during World War 2.


Milawa Heritage Group

About a Mile Away – The History of the Oxley Plains

Awarded: $8,000

This project will publish a book celebrating and acknowledging the community stories and history of the Oxley Plains area in North East Victoria.


Rotary Club of Brighton North

Heritage Signage Project

Awarded: $2,000

Errect signs on current buildings that have replaced old heritage buildings of character in Bay and Church Streets, Brighton.


The Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies Inc

Victorian Crown Grantees Index

Awarded: $1,771

Produce and publish in CD format, Part 3 of a five part Index of names of persons granted Crown Lands in Victoria from 1837 to the present.


Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society Inc

Cataloguing and exhibition project

Awarded: $1,099

Purchase a laptop, portable scanner/photocopier and internet USB, so our members can showcase, teach, and network our history at expos, schools and in our society.


Korumburra & District Historical Society Inc

Purchase and install InMagic Software

Awarded: $2,000

Purchase and install version 12 of InMagic software.


Maryborough Family History Group Inc

Computer Archive and Retrieval System (C.A.R.S)

Awarded: $2,242

Upgrade existing Group Computers to the same operating system. The new system will be used to manage local history databases and indexes which the Group have already compiled and create future works all in the same format.


Phillip Island & District Historical Society Inc

Complete the cataloguing of the society’s photographic collection

Awarded: $2,000

Catalogue the Society’s photographic collection with the help of local retired residents to improve acccess to the collection for researchers.


Yarra Glen & District Historical Society Inc

Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Yarra Glen & Districts

Awarded: $7,500

Publish an online historical encyclopaedia of Yarra Glen and district using a Content Management System which will allow the content to be edited, updated and added to over time.


Colac & District Family History Group Inc

Colac District Ratebook Digitisation

Awarded: $2,112

Digitise the Colac and District rate books from 1865 to 1923 with the assistance of a professional imaging company.


Darebin Libraries

Northcote Carnegie Library: a hundred years of free public library service

Awarded: $2,500

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the building of the Northcote Carnegie Library by creating static displays and running a series talks and activities, based around Northcote Library.


Berwick and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society Inc

Digitising of Minutes

Awarded: $2,650

Digitise all previous minutes of the Berwick and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society Inc dating back to 1893.


Walhalla Board of Management

Heritage Booklets

Awarded: $750

Produce a booklet which details the history of the former Walhalla Post Office for which the Board is responsible.


Ararat & District Historical Society

Digitisation to the web

Awarded: $1,355

The Ararat & District Historical Society’s Digitisation to the Web project will provide additional access to its large and eclectic collection, via the posting of digitised research and significance assessments of items on to a dedicated website.


Benalla & District Historical Society Inc

Heritage Trail Plaques

Awarded: $8,448

Place identifying plaques on sites surrounding the Mair Street Cultural Complex, stating their historical details and cultural significance. These sites will be linked to a total of 24 sites in a “Heritage Trail” walk/ride with an accompanying brochure.


Invergordon Community Group

Invergordon – A Wheel Change

Awarded: $5,610

Compile an historical and anecdotal record of the Invergordon district to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of closer settlement ,1961 to 2011, through a book and pictorial display.


Fawcett Mechanics Institute Reserve

Fawcett Hall Cemmemorate Booklet 1882 – 2011

Awarded: $3,000

Write a history booklet of Fawcett Hall to celebrate the reopening of the hall in 2011. This booklet will showcase the history of Fawcett Hall and the wider community since its beginning from 1882 to 2010.


Bendigo Historical Society

Storage of the Past for Today and the Future

Awarded: $5,000

Purchase appropriate archival boxes so that collectioni material will be optimally stored in the new purpose built Regional Archive Centre and easily accessible.


Chewton Domain Society Inc

Chewton Town Hall Interpretation Signage Project

Awarded: $1,350

Construct signage to provide interpretation of the historic sites, buildings and townscape of Chewton and surrounds.


Brighton Historical Society

Creating a new website: Brighton and beyond

Awarded: $855

Create a new website that is more user friendly and allows volunteers greater input relating to content and the mechanics of updating of the website.


Belgrave Region Action Group

Belgrave historical plaques & walk

Awarded: $4,000

Produce a series of plaques displaying pictures and text, combined with an informative flyer. The walk is through the township of Belgrave showcasing its historical past by means of a permanent display.


Friends of Mount Alexander Diggings Inc

Convert the Mount Alexander Diggings Guidebooks from print to digital form

Awarded: $1,800

Convert the existing Mount Alexander Diggings Guidebooks from print to web based digital form.


Beulah Historical Society

Compilation & Preservation of Bueulah’s History 1883 – 2010

Awarded: $6,929

Collate and publish a 400 page book featuring Beulah and District. The histories of community, business, church and sporting bodies will be suplemented by stories as told to our volunteers by past and present community members.


St Andrews/Queenstown Historical Society

Computer Database

Awarded: $1,800

Update computer system to enable the expansion of our database and network into other local historical societies.


Vietnamese Community in Australia,Victorian Chapter

Project 35

Awarded: $10,000

Collect oral stories and artefacts of the older members of the Vietnamese Community who escaped from Vietnam to help the younger generation understand, appreciate and learn from the experiences of the first generation.


Horsham Historical Society Inc

Digitise Memory Books series for future printing

Awarded: $400

Buy OCR software and scan existing master copies.


Whittlesea Historical Society Inc

Whittlesea Township Walking Tour

Awarded: $1,200

Provide greater awareness of the historical aspects of the Whittlesea Township & district through the publication of an information booklet outlining a self guided walking tour of the township.


Kaniva Museum & Historical Collection

Digitalisation of the Past for the Future

Awarded: $7,000

Digitise newspapers from the 1880s to present time and burn to CD/DVDs.


Jewish Museum of Australia

Digitising Dunera Boy Histories: Audio

Awarded: $5,330

Digitise the analogue audio interviews with Dunera Boys to enable better and broader community and scholarly access.


The Ballarat and District Genealogical Society Incorporated

Continuing digitising of Ballarat Star newspaper

Awarded: $10,000

Continue digitising the Star newspaper from 1855 and upload to on-line site.


Burraja Cultural Centre

Burraja Cultural Centre Aboriginal Object Collection Recording and Oral History Project

Awarded: $10,000

Recording of oral histories of Burraja Cultural Centre members; conservation and cataloguing of Aboriginal objects; and training Burraja Cultural Centre members in local history skills.


Bendigo Cemeteries Trust

Digitising Kangaroo Flat and Bendigo Cemetery Historic Records

Awarded: $6,050

Digitise Kangaroo Flat Cemetery historic records from the gold rush to the post war period and the first records from four other Bendigo cemeteries. The project will involve the creation of an estimated 35 digitised books.


Broadford & District Historical Society

Converting microfilmed newspapers to searchable DVD

Awarded: $3,812

Transfer 55 years of local newspapers from microfilm to DVD. Namely The Kilmore free Press 1865 – 1891 and The Broadford Courier 1891 – 1920.


Trentham Historical Society

Publication of Trentham at War

Awarded: $3,000

We will publish a small book on our districts contribution to wars in the twentieth century – Boer War, World War I and  World War II.


Montrose Historical Society Inc

Montrose Brickworks Heritage Trail

Awarded: $5,964

The Montrose Brickworks Heritage Trail project will promote and interpret local history through the installation of 4 sculptural interpretive signs in the town centre and the production of online heritage trail information.


Flemington Association Inc

Discover the Other Side of the Tracks in Flemington

Awarded: $3,600

We will preserve and promote the history and culture of Flemington on an exciting, accessible and interactive internet site, which will be complimented by flyers celebrating and encouraging locals and others to explore our heritage assets.


Merrijig Public Hall Inc

Merrijig Public Hall History Since 1928

Awarded: $6,000

Identify, catalogue, preserve and electronically store all relevant historical, current and future documentation of the Merrijig Public Hall enabling the archiving of original documents into safe secure storage.


Museums Australia Inc (Victoria)

Museum Practice Online Training

Awarded: $9,000

Create a series of free practical online training sessions using still photo slideshows with an accompanying voiceover.


Lakes Entrance Regional Historical Society Inc

Saving the past for the future!

Awarded: $5,500

Complete cataloguing of our photographic and document collection and converting the existing catalogue from DOS to Windows software.


West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation

Shire of Buln Buln Rates & Minutes Books – Digitisation/Revitalisation

Awarded: $7,500

Digitise the Shire of Buln Buln Rates and Minutes Books microfiche onto CD and create online searchable indexes to these records.


Australian Polish Community Services

History of the Polish Community in Victoria: A Living Website

Awarded: $10,000

Development of an interactive website or virtual museum that captures the contributions of members of the Australian Polish community residing in Victoria, the rich history, experiences and lifestyles.


Whitehorse Friends for Reconciliation Inc

Whitehorse History of Homes History Project – “A Black History of Whitehorse”

Awarded: $5,000

Record the Stolen Generations stories from Children’s Institutions in the Whitehorse area during the 20th century and produce a DVD documenting these stories.


Violet Town Action Group Inc – Violet Town History Group

Bringing the news home for the 175th Anniversary of Violet Town

Awarded: $4,000

Digitise the 1921-1956 Violet Town Sentinel located in the State Library of Victoria to make it accessable universally and locally.


National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

The Battle for Melbourne Exhibition

Awarded: $6,000

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) wishes to celebrate Melbourne’s built environment by staging a dynamic, multi-media exhibition exploring the battles waged over many years to save significant historic buildings in the CBD.


Indigo U3A Inc

Shire of Beechworth Rate Books

Awarded: $4,750

This project aims to digitally photograph, transcribe and index the existing Beechworth Shire rate books for the financial years 1856/57 and 1857/58.


Maryborough Midlands Historical Society

Tilly Aston Display

Awarded: $2,000

To provide a permanent display for Tilly Aston memorabilia at Worsley Cottage that has been collected by the society for the past 40 years.


Mirboo & District Historical Society Inc

To Digitise Local Newspapers to DVD’s

Awarded: $1,936

Scan 11 rolls of 35mm film of our old local Mirboo North newspapers and convert to DVD for use in our Historical Society rooms for members, visitors and researchers.


Quarry Hill Primary School

Quarry Hill Primary School History Project

Awarded: $400

Conserve and catalogue photographs and historical documents from the school and store them in appropriate and safe storage systems. The project will create a permanent interpretive storyboard recounting the 153 year history of the school, to be mounted in a highly visible position in the school quadrangle.


Quambatook Historical Centre Inc

Record Quambatook Living Histories

Awarded: $2,500

Equip the Quambatook Historical Centre with suitable technology to record verbal, photographic and written local and personal histories of Quambatook and surrounding districts.


Victoria Police Historical Society Inc

1923 Victoria Police Strike Project – Digitisation of Special Constables’ Archive

Awarded: $4,000

THE VPHS proposes to digitise and catalogue what is believed to be the only surviving collection of documents relating to the Special Constables who were sworn in during the  1923 Victoria Police Strike.


East Gippsland Family History Group Inc

Digitise the Bairnsdale Advertiser Newspaper, Stage One

Awarded: $8,000

Arrange for 38 reels of microfilm, approximately 20,000 frames, to be scanned and reproduced in pdf file format.


Edrington History Research Group Inc

Safe Storage

Awarded: $450

Properly store and protect all photographs and documents after cataloguing.


Material in the Public Record Office Victoria archival collection contains words and descriptions that reflect attitudes and government policies at different times which may be insensitive and upsetting

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples should be aware the collection and website may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons.

PROV provides advice to researchers wishing to access, publish or re-use records about Aboriginal Peoples