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There were two application periods in 2006-07, and a total of 91 grants were awarded. 


October 2006 Recipients


Bayswater Bullets Little Athletics Club

Bayswater Bullets Little Athletics Club 40th Anniversary History Project.

Awarded: $2,549


Beaufort Historical Society Inc

Binding of Riponshire Advocate newspaper

Awarded: $800


Benjeroop Public Hall Inc

Benjeroop & District Historic Markers   Awarded: $1,200


Bright & District Historical Society Inc

Buckland Valley Gold Field Riot Commemoration 1857-2007

Awarded: $2,000


Buchan Heritage Group Inc

The Pasture Seekers -The Stories of Buchan and District Pioneers

Awarded: $2,500


Casterton District Historical Society Inc

Purchase of Microfilm Reader/Printer

Awarded: $2,964


Charlton Lawn Tennis Club Inc

125 Years of Tennis in Charlton

Awarded: $2,000


Dandenong and District Historical Society

Preservation of photo collection

Awarded: $810


Echuca-Moama Family History Group Inc

Acquire 110 rolls microfilm of the Riverine Herald newspaper

Awarded: $5,000


Essendon Historical Society

Moonee Ponds Courthouse & Precinct Exhibition

Awarded: $4,000


Frankston Historical Society Inc

The Life & Times of Ballam Park Homestead

Awarded: $3,000


Friends of Box Ironbark Forests

Charlie Sanger: The Last Victorian Bushranger

Awarded: $6,500


Glen Iris Hartwell Uniting Church

Glen Iris Hartwell Uniting Church Local Community Heritage Project

Awarded: $6,000


Hastings Western Port Historical Society Inc

Hastings Memories

Awarded: $5,000


Healesville and District Historical Society

A History of Healesville’s Guest Houses

Awarded: $4,000


Hepburn Shire Council

Microfilming of Creswick Advertiser newspaper

Awarded: $5,000


History Council of Victoria

Promoting Victorian Community History in Victorian Secondary Schools

Awarded: $11,320


Hopetown and District Historical Society

Digital Copying of Photos, Documents & Newspaper

Awarded: $4,784


Inverleigh Historical Society

Inverleigh at War – The Impact of the First & Second World Wars on a Small Victorian Community

Awarded: $2,320


Katamatite Historical Society Inc

History of Katamatite

Awarded: $1,000


Linton & District Historical Society Inc

Chinese Interpretive Board

Awarded: $910


Loddon Neighbourhood House

Wedderburn and Districts Historical Memories

Awarded: $2,000


Longwarry Hall Committee of Management Inc

Fraser Siding Historical Display

Awarded: $2,000


Melbourne‘s Living Museum of The West

Beautiful Braybrook

Awarded: $4,800


Mildura Rowing Club Inc

The Mildura Rowing Club – 1923 to 2006

Awarded: $4,000


Minyip and District Historical Society Inc

Photocopier and Map Drawer Project

Awarded: $3,981


Murrayville Liaison Committee

History of Murrayville & District

Awarded: $6,000


Newstead & District Historical Society Inc

Indexing of Mount Alexander Mail 1904-1960

Awarded: $5,000


Red Cliffs Secondary College

Every Day Heroes

Awarded: $4,000


Royal Historical Society of Victoria

Develop management tools for local historical societies published to CD ROM  & the web

Awarded: $11,500


Ruffy Primary School 120 Commemoration Committee

From Pioneer to Present and beyond in the Ruffy Tablelands

Awarded: $3,000


Sandhurst Football Netball Club

Sandhurst Football Netball Club – Towards 150

Awarded: $2,000


South Gippsland Conservation Society Inc

History of the South Gippsland Conservation Society

Awarded: $4,000


Strzelecki Public Hall Inc

The Spirit of Strzelecki

Awarded: $3,700


Sunbury Family History Society

Updating Kyneton Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions to CD

Awarded: $735


Swan Hill Genealogical and Historical Society

Copying of Swan Hill Guardian 1965-1980

Awarded: $3,000


Pioneer Settlement Museum

Takasuka 100th Year Celebration

Awarded: $2,000


The Museum of Chinese Australian History

Chinatown: After the Gold Rush 

Awarded: $5,000


Upper Murray Historical Society Inc

Digitisation of Corryong Couriers

Awarded: $4,000


Wycheproof Historical Society Inc

Did they live in the Mallee

Awarded: $10,000


June 2007 Recipients


Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies

Bendigo Mining Fatalities 1856 – 2005

Awarded: $1,065

Book detailing the biographies of over 1,000 men who have died as a result of mining accidents in the Bendigo area.


Ballarat City Rowing Club

History of Ballarat Regatta – Australia’s Inland Henley 1862-2002

Awarded: $5,150

Book that will bring together the history of the Ballarat Regatta demonstrating the sporting, social, cultural and financial impact it has had on Ballarat over 140 years.


Bena Community Group Inc

Bena and District History Collection

Awarded: $2,500

Collation and recording of local historic information and in its final publication as a book and DVD.


Birchip Historical Society Inc

Purchase acid-free storage boxes

Awarded: $3,000

Catalogue and store paper documents, certificates, newspapers, memorabilia, and textiles.


Bundoora Homestead Art Centre and Preston Historical Society

Bundoora Homestead: The SmithFamily Era 1899 – 1920 publication

Awarded: $8,000

Publish the stories of the people who lived at Bundoora Homestead covering the Smith family who owned the Homestead and their staff.


Castlemaine Historical Society Inc

Newspaper Editorials Index 1862-1883

Awarded: $2,095

Database of editorials from two Castlemaine Newspapers; “Our Daily News” (1862 – 1869) and “Castlemaine Leader” (1870 – 1883).


Charlton Golden Grains Museum Inc

Digitisation, storage and reproduction of photographic collection

Awarded: $1,550

Scan and archive historical photo collection. Reproduce photos and display in new albums.


Civil Aviation Historical Society

Essendon and Melbourne Airports Historical Photographic Display

Awarded: $2,800

Produce portable displays, comprising photographs, maps and text relating to the history of Essendon and Melbourne Airports.


Collingwood Historical Society Inc

Hotels of Collingwood

Awarded: $941

Online guide to each of Collingwood’s existing and former hotels.


Dunkeld and District Historical Museum

Local Film Collection

Awarded: $8,000

Archiving a collection of films (approx 300 hours) belonging to a deceased estate, which detail the social history of the wider Dunkeld district over approximately 75 years.


Dunolly Hospital History Group

A 150 Year History of Dunolly Hospital – A Community Perspective

Awarded: $4,000

Collect historical sources of the history of the hospital and develop a printed publication.


Echuca Historical Society Inc

Echuca 1882 Hospital Theatre exhibit

Awarded: $3,800

Establish an archival museum/history room in the original 1882 Operating theatre at Echuca District Hospital.


El Dorado Museum Association Inc

Photographic Restoration Display & StorageAwarded: $1,000

Repair and restore from originals and negatives, several hundred photos depicting El Dorado mining and social history from the 1850s to the 1950s for archival and display purposes.


Friends of Mount Alexander Diggings Inc

Mount Tarrengower Interpretive Signage

Awarded: $5,000

Design and construct four enamelled display boards which will tell the story of the history of the Mount Tarrengower lookout tower, the operation and history of the fire lookout, local geology/vegetation etc.


Gannawarra Shire Council

Major Mitchell’s Campsite Revisited

Awarded: $750

Replace the only Major Thomas Mitchell Campsite sign in the Shire of Gannawarra.


Geelong Voices

Geelong Voices Oral History Project Completion of Audio Archiving

Awarded: $5,000

Archiving of recorded oral history in the form of over 220 audio tapes of interviews conducted with a variety of local people on Geelong Community Radio during the 1990’s. They contain fascinating and memorable stories of Geelong.


Hopetoun Branch of the C.W.A of Victoria Inc

Hopetoun C.W.A Records Conservation & Preservation

Awarded: $750

Preservation and display of Hopetoun C.W.A historical records covering the last 70 years of the district’s history.


Katunga Development Committee

Local History Panels for Katunga’s Memorial Park

Awarded: $3,660

Design and construct history panels in the Katunga Memorial Park to complement the already existing panels commemorating the Soldier Settlers and the History of Irrigation.


Landsborough and District Historical Group Inc

Lost Schools of the Pyrenees

Awarded: $2,000

Research the building and correspondence files of ten closed schools in the Pyrenees area of Victoria, collect local information and photographs, and produce a book which will record the history of these ‘lost’ schools.


Latrobe Ladies Probus Club

Latrobe Ladies

Awarded: $1,848

To make a book from the collected stories of senior local women living and working in this community.


Leongatha and District Historical Society

Leongatha Historical Society Website Project

Awarded: $1,755

Establish a website for the Leongatha Historical Society to provide information to the general public on the society’s resources and the history of the region.


Lifestyle Dookie

Days of Dance

Awarded: $7,000

The project ‘Days of Dance’ will collate local historical information relating to the dance halls that were once a major part of the social life of rural communities in Dookie and District.


Marysville & District Historical Society Inc

Conservation and Cataloguing – Documents and Objects

Awarded: $2,500

Our research material of photographs, newspapers, reminiscences, profiles and archival materials need to be preserved. Currently they are stored inadequately; up-to-date archival preservation systems will be used.


Merrigum and District Historical and Education Society Inc

Agriculture, horticulture and pastoral exhibition

Awarded: $1,087

Enlarge photos of agricultural, horticulture and pastoral implements, machines and equipment actually being used.


Mildura and District Genealogical Society

Conservation and encapsulation of parish plans

Awarded: $2,500

The Mildura society’s project is to conserve and encapsulate a set of 80 original Parish plans mainly from the local area dating from the years 1892 to 1960. The plans, which are held by the society, can then be more accessible to the public.


Mornington Historical Society Inc

The Peninsula Post Preservation Project (Final Phase)

Awarded: $7,500

To complete the digitisation of the unique but fragile 1914-1966 collection of The Peninsula Post newspaper located at the Mornington and District Historical Society (M&DHS) by scanning, enhancing and printing copies for cataloguing on a database.


Moyhu Lions Club Inc

Moyhu Community Agricultural Machinery Museum

Awarded: $4,835

Develop interpretative panels and a website that documents the farm machinery at the Moyhu Community Agricultural Museum. Establish this as a project for Year 9 students from the Wangaratta High School Community Learning Centre.


Murrabit Promotions Committee Inc

Murrabit – Bringing our Heritage into our Future

Awarded: $4,000

Install 4 centrally located information boards to display and promote the town as a former railway station on the Kerang – Murrabit – Stony Crossing Railway Scheme. The information boards will also display and promote the town and district’s heritage.


Myrtleford and District Historical Society Inc

A Good Picture Town – The History and Place of Italian Cinema in the Myrtleford Community

Awarded: $7,000

This project will capture and communicate the untold story of Italian film screenings in Myrtleford (occurring regularly from 1950-1970) as a notable, vividly remembered feature of the cultural and business landscape of the post-war town and surrounds.


Nathalia & District Historical Society Inc

Computer cataloguing for NathaliaAwarded: $2,500

It is the desire of the Nathalia Historical Society members to record the collection of local items of historic significance at Nathalia Museum onto a quick reference computer file which would include a photograph and the story behind the significance of the item.


National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

An oral history of the Melbourne Docks & associated communities

Awarded: $10,000

The recording and presentation of oral histories of dock workers, seafarers and associated communities in the Port of Melbourne and their life on Melbourne’s Waterfront.


Notting Hill Community Association Inc

Notting Hill Residents History Project

Awarded: $1,550

To document with text, pictures and memorabilia the history of the residential area of the Notting Hill suburb – the first purpose-designed housing estate in Melbourne – and its influence on several generation of residents. The material will be used to form an exhibit.


Numurkah and District Historical Society Inc

Book entitled “Women of the Settlement”

Awarded: $8,000

Our Society has decided to publish a book, using stories written by the wives and/or daughters of the Murray Valley Soldier Settlement, which began in 1947.


Powlett Plains and District Community Centre Inc

A Snapshot of Time – 150 Years of CommunityAwarded: $680

Purchase large picture frames and get 100+ Historic photographs copied and put on permanent display in the Powlett Plains Public Hall.


Rainbow Progress Association Inc

Voices from the Past

Awarded: $1,457

Record on audiotape and/or DVD/videotape, the stories of local residents so that the hard copy based current collection can be developed.


Ringwood Historical Society

The 48 Courts of Heathmont

Awarded: $2,000

The 48 Courts of Heathmont project involves the publication of a booklet of about 150 pages, featuring the history of each court. The booklet will be launched mid-November 2007.


Rye Historical Society Inc

History of the Rye Cemetery

Awarded: $3,300

Produce a book on the history of the Rye Cemetery. The book will detail the early history of Rye and the lives of the early settlers who are buried in the Cemetery.


See Yup Society Inc

See Yup Temple Tablets Documentation Project

Awarded: $6,000

The project will translate inscriptions on 13,000 wooden memorial tablets of the See Yup members who have died in Victoria since the 1850s, document the information and place on the world-wide web.


South Gippsland Conservation Society Inc

Gippsland Lady Botanists

Awarded: $4,000

Terri Allen, a member of the society, has written the biographies of eight Gippsland lady botanists who greatly influenced naturalists in this area throughout the last century. Some of them were the first recorders and collectors of many species that are present in the area.


St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church

St Nicholas Church: Cradle of Orthodoxy in Melbourne

Awarded: $6,000

Write a book and mount an exhibition featuring the 75 year history of St Nicholas Church, East Melbourne 1932 – 2007. The importance of St Nicholas is that it was the first and only Lebanese organisation established in Melbourne until the 1950s.


Tatong Heritage Group Inc

History of Tatong

Awarded: $3,500

The funding request is to cover the production of two booklets on specific areas of the history of Tatong, which will be used in turn to fund consequent booklets.


The Pyramid Hill and District Historical Society Inc

Book on the Boer War “All Back but One”

Awarded: $3,000

Research, print the history of Pyramid Hill and Durham Ox Victorian Mounted Rifles. Also letters written by the soldiers who fought in the African War (Boer War).


Trust For Nature (Victoria)

When I was on Ned’s Corner

Awarded: $3,500

The project will collect the stories of people who worked on Ned’s Corner, located 80 Kilometres west of Mildura.  Ned’s Corner, a former pastoral fun, is now owned by Trust for Nature, a conservation organisation committed to conserving natural and cultural heritage.


Upper Goulburn Community Association Inc

Miners Hut Reserve

Awarded: $701

Provide historical information about the district and gold mining, and about the actual site itself. All this is now drafted, photos selected.


Victorian Home Economics and Textiles Teachers Association

Reflecting the past

Awarded: $5,500

Research an oral history project (commemorative journal) on fifty years of the Victorian Home Economics and Textiles Teachers Association.


Wahgunyah Progress Association Incorporated

Track Storyboards

Awarded: $2,000

The WPA Inc. has and is developing, in cooperation with the Shire of Indigo and other volunteer bodies, approximately 40 kilometres of walking/cycling tracks in the bush along the Murray River around the town. We intend to place a number of local history boards along the trail.


Wandong – Heathcote Junction Community Group Inc

Wandong-Heathcote Junction History Recording

Awarded: $5,000

Collate information and publish a book on the history of Wandong-Heathcote Junction which once had thriving timber, brick and mining industries. Produce a brochure to promote the towns mainly focusing on their history and including our walking trail.


Wangaratta Historical Society Inc

Introducing the Pangerang people of Wangaratta

Awarded: $7,000

Publish a book which depicts the Pangerang Aboriginal Community of Wangaratta from 1836, and their interaction with the squatters of the time.


Yackandandah and District Historical Society Inc

Sifting Through the Ashes

Awarded: $10,000

Conserve, reproduce, transcribe, retype and catalogue local history documents and photographs damaged in a fire, which gutted the bank building of the Bank of Victoria Museum.


Yarck Mechanics’ Institute and Public Hall Trustees

Images of Yarck & District Photographic and Memorabilia Exhibition

Awarded: $2,000

Scan, enlarge, caption, print, catalogue and burn to CD digital images of an estimated 400 historical photographs and documents, collected May 2007- April 2008, from local families and other sources, that pertain to Yarck and District.


Material in the Public Record Office Victoria archival collection contains words and descriptions that reflect attitudes and government policies at different times which may be insensitive and upsetting

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples should be aware the collection and website may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons.

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