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What do I need to know?

This is a guide on how to find records about teachers in non-government schools. Follow the step by step instructions below.

To get started, all you need to know is the name (or maiden name) of the teacher.

About these records

PROV holds limited information about teachers in non-government schools. The Teachers and Schools Registration Board and the Council for Public Education created these records in the process of evaluating and registering teachers for non-government schools and private practice - these records include only applications to teach and subsequent registration, rather than service.

To access records of your own employment from approximately 1956 onwards, contact the relevant school, or if the school no longer exists, the Department of Education.

Next Steps

What are in these records?

The records generally include the following information about each teacher:

  • name
  • address
  • employment history and classification
  • qualifications
  • correspondence both outwards and inwards relating to registration
  • application number
  • whether the application was successful
  • approval to teach in sub-primary, primary, secondary or private practice

Note that the records do not contain any information about the teacher’s subsequent career in either non-government or government schools.

  1. There are several steps to finding a teacher registration file.

    Firstly, browse this list, and order the record containing the surname of interest. What you’ve ordered is a box of index cards, arranged in alphabetical order by surname. Once you've placed your order, proceed to the next step.

    The second step in this search is to come to PROV’s North Melbourne Reading Room and view the records.

    If you locate a card of interest in the records you've ordered, it will include the teacher’s registration number, like the one circled in the image below. Note down the number and proceed to the next step.

    Teacher card2.jpg


    Browse this list and order the record which would contain the number you've noted down.

    What you’ve ordered is a box of files, arranged in numerical order by application number. The records you've ordered can also be viewed at PROV’s North Melbourne Reading Room. Once you've placed your order, proceed to the next step.

    The final step in this search is to view the records, once again at PROV's North Melbourne Reading Room.

    There will be several hundred files in each box of records you've ordered, arranged roughly in numerical order. Browse through until you find the file which matches the application number - the cover will be similar to the image below, which matches the card in step 2.

    Teacher file.jpg

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