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Series title: Civil Case Files
Unit number: 1399
Date range: -
Public access: Open
Format: NP
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 267
Consignment number: P0007
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Description Date Range
1907/201 Ball and Welch Proprietary Limited v Mary Cox 1907 -
1907/202 James Darby v The Ascot Gold Mines Limited in Liquidation 1907 -
1907/203 Frank Pilkington Brett Elizabeth Marguerite Harding v George Alexander Knipe 1907 -
1907/204 Tye and Company Proprietary Limited v M Kino 1907 -
1907/205 Hollow Brothers v John Davey 1907 -
1907/206 Harry Werribee Staughton v Charles Watson 1907 -
1907/207 Margaret Riley Alexander Fraser Joseph Riley v Joseph Riley Annie Amos Jessie Robertson Margaret Riley 1907 -
1907/208 Arthur Robert Daly v Francis Twomey 1907 -
1907/209 Spotswood v Glenister 1907 -
1907/210 Nathan Bear v G S Yuill and Company Limited 1907 -
1907/211 Bertha Emma Armytage Dobson v Mary Kemmy 1907 -
1907/212 Herbert Adolphus Bernicke v Wilhemina Lake 1907 -
1907/213 Moses Alexander Albert Coppel Alexander and Coppel v William Hautrive Mary Ann Hautrive 1907 -
1907/214 Silvester and Maconachy v William Harty 1907 -
1907/215 The Commercial Bank of Australia Limited v William Henry Haine Ernest John Oswin 1907 -
1907/216 Mary Anne Ryan Daniel McCann v Eleanor Haidee Simeon 1907 -
1907/217 Ada Mary Selkirk Andrew Selkirk v Margaret Selkirk Jane Abraham Alexander Patrick Selkirk Mary Ann Stamp Susannah Selkirk Ivy Llewellyn Selkirk 1907 -
1907/218 The Trustees Executors and Agency Company Limited James Paterson v William James Irvine 1907 -
1907/219 Emma Cook Joseph William Kent Cook Horace Edgar Wootton v Laura Helen Donovan Minetta Maria Davies Elizabeth Josephine Robertson Ada Blanche Quinn Thomas Byrne Horace Edgar Wootton 1907 -
1907/220 James Heath v Patrick Kiley 1907 -