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Series title: Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files
Unit number: 94
Date range: -
Public access: Open
Format: Box
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 12024
Consignment number: P0001
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Description Date Range
2771 Will of Michael O'Connell Petiton of John Denis Ryan and Patrick O'Connell Affidavit of Catherine O'Connell Affidavit of Muriel Williams 1920 - 1920
2772 Re Samuel Bottomly deceased Matter of Allotment 8 Sec 59 Parish of Cut Paw Paw 1905 - 1905
2773 Will of Alexander Grant Petition of Prudence Agnes Waring to appoint new trustee Frederic Elliott Grant Alice Victoria Grant Ada Florence Grant 1920 - 1920
2774 Matter of Robert Geoffrey Matschoss otherwise Robert Jeffrey Oswald infant Emma Gertrud Oswald nee Matschoss applicant and Charles Gaulway and Nellie Gaulway respondents 1920 - 1920
2775 Matter of a contract for sale of land between Isidore Jacob Marks Maurice Marks Ettie Marks Theresa Lebransky vendors and William Bernard Mangan purchaser 1920 - 1920
2776 Matter of trusts of will of John Vaughan Petition of George Randall to appoint new trustees 1920 - 1920
2777 Matter of estate of Henry Matthew Scott intestate Matter of Henry Matthew Scott Annie Scott infants Affidavit of Alexina Scott 1920 - 1920
2778A Matter of applications for registration of trade marks by Henry Esmond Spry and John Thomas Coles trading as A McLintock and Company 1920 - 1920
2778 Matter of applications for registration of trade marks by Bertie Sellars Stillwell trading as A McLintock and Company 1920 - 1920
2779 Matter of application for registration of trade mark by the Brisbane Soap Company Limited Matter of Opposition thereto by A and F Pears and Company 1920 - 1920
2780 Matter of Will and Estates of Abraham Smith Affidavit of Julia Smith 1920 - 1920
2781 Matter of will and estate of Thomas John Rooney Affidavit of Caroline Rooney 1920 - 1920
2782 Matter of Neil Albert Whitchurch Allan Edwin Whitchurch infants Affidavit of Mary Jane Whitchurch 1920 - 1920
2783 Will of John Robert Murphy 1920 - 1920
2784 Matter of Francis Archibald Burkitt and Sons Proprietary Limite Matter of the Bank of Victoria Limited 1920 - 1920
2785 Estate of Allan Ranald Comrie intestate Affidavit of Nora Teresa Comrie Christina Dingwall Comrie Allan Ranald Comrie the younger 1920 - 1920
2786 Matter of Lula Elizabeth Collins infant Marjorie Grice Miller guardian Henry Michael Collins guardian 1920 - 1920
2787 Matter of Dalmayne Collieries Limited in liquidation 1920 - 1920
2788 Matter of settled estate in Parish of Nirranda settled by will of James Francis Affidavit of Ann Francis 1920 - 1920
2789 Matter of an application of Hector Raymond Ripper for an order for custody and control of children Dorothy Ripper Raymond Ripper Alice Ripper Hector Raymond Ripper applicant D Pearson William Higgs and Ellen Ripper respondents 1920 - 1920