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Series title: Civil Case Files
Unit number: 380
Date range: -
Public access: Open
Format: NP
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 267
Consignment number: P0007
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Description Date Range
1854/1799 John Whiteoak v The Mayor Aldermen Councillors Citizens of the City of Melbourne 1854 -
1861/1747 Robert Power George Henry Davenport v Thomas McGrath 1861 -
1876/1611 The National Bank of Australasia v Andrew Fogarty 1876 -
1876/1612 The Queen v John William Morris 1876 -
1876/1613 The Queen v William Ashford Morris 1876 -
1876/1614 Richard Goldsbrough Hugh Parker trading as R Goldsbrough and Company v T W Connebee 1876 -
1876/1615 Frederick Christian Lange Stephen King Louis Thoneman trading as Lange and Thoneman v See Ching 1876 -
1876/1616 William Richard Vergoe Stanford Chapman trading as Vergoe Son and Company v George M Milne 1876 -
1876/1617 Henry Bew v John Frederick Droop 1876 -
1876/1618 Orlando Fenwick trading as Fenwick Brothers v Durham Sargeant 1876 -
1876/1619 John George Dougharty v Christopher Norris 1876 -
1876/1620 Mary Donnelly v Timothy Donnelly 1876 -
1876/1621 William Henry Rigby v John Treacy 1876 -
1876/1622 The English Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank v Buzza and Company of Echuca in the Colony of Victoria 1876 -
1876/1623 John Blackwell v Kate Elizabeth Drew 1876 -
1876/1624 Thomas de Courcey Meade v David Callan 1876 -
1876/1625 John Barter Bennett v George Holmes 1876 -
1876/1626 William Henry Rocke trading as W H Rocke and Company v T W Connebee 1876 -
1876/1627 Honora Stanton v The London Chartered Bank of Australia 1876 -
1876/1628 Robert Stirling Anderson for the Australian Alliance Assurance Company v Charles Newberry Beere 1876 -