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Series title: Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files
Unit number: 8
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Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 12024
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134 The settled Estates at Boroondara of Simon Haughton deceased and the Petition of Samuel Thomas Haughton 1888 - 1888
135 The Trusts of the Will of Wiliam Vann deceased in favour of Fanny Bull the wife of William Bull 1888 - 1888
136 The Rockwell Paddock Silver Mining Company Ltd 1888 - 1888
137 The estate of Frederick Baker professionally known as Frederick Fererici actor 1888 - 1888
138 The unadministered Estate of John Haley deceased 1888 - 1888
139 The William of the late John Stanton and the Petitions of Catherine Allen and Anne Stanton 1888 - 1888
140 The Trusts of the Will and Codicel of Peter Ferrier Ross deceased 1888 - 1888
141 The Settled Estate of John Hall and the Petition of Marion Louisa Hall 1888 - 1888
142 The trusts of an Indenture of Settlement made between William Thomas William Lansdown Mary Ann Sarah Lansdown and William Davis 1888 - 1888
143 The Settled Estate of Edward Barry George Evans and the Petition of Sarah Evans 1888 - 1888
144 Infants Timothy Carton Cremean William Lawrence Cremean and Thomas John Herbert Cremean and their removal into the guardianship of their uncle Lawrence Cremean 1888 - 1888
145 The settled estate of George Evans and the Petition of William Evans 1888 - 1888