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Location: North Melbourne

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4351 Albert Park - Hotel, Bridport Street Depicts the landmark in the (Albert Park) Bridport Street Shopping area, and shows the"coffee palace" hotels where travellers could stay. The building was in the Victorian Italiana style and had 40 rooms which featured marble tiles and mantles, and 20 fee -
4352 South Melbourne - Terrace Houses, Victorian Avenue (formerly Gatehouse Street) Depicts the terrace houses which were named after local street and ward names. The cable tram ran along here (present South Melbourne Tram route). The photo was used to celebrate South Melbourne Branch centenary in 1980. -
4353 South Melbourne - Terrace Houses, Canterbury Road Depicts the terrace houses lacework (florid style). The photo was used to celebrate South Melbourne Branch centenary in 1980. -
4354 South Melbourne - Engineering Firm, Yarra Bank Depicts the factory and staff. The industry was one of the first in the area along the Yarra Bank. The photo was used to celebrate South Melbourne Branch centenary in 1980. -
4355 Melbourne - Albert Park Lake, Albert Park Depicts the Albert Park Lake and reserve (over 100 acres). One of the small islands in the lake was removed by an Army "Bridging operation" - it was known as "Treasure Island".In about 1880 a foot bridge ran over the lake, roughly opposite Commercial Roa -
4356 South Melbourne Branch Premises - Exterior Depicts the exterior of the South Melbourne Branch on the corner of Park and Clarendon Streets. The premises was erected in 1885 for 2500 pounds and was the first freehold premises built by the State Savings Bank. A street lamp also appears in the pictur -
4357 St. Kilda - Street Scene, Bank Street cart in Bank Street. Depicts the front of the Town Hall tower, looking east to St. Kilda Road, the Domain and South Yarra. The Christ Church spire is at the right. Also on the buildings are stripe-painted verandahs and keystones. Gas lamp standards are also visible along Bank -
4358 South Melbourne - Beaconsfield Parade, Hotel Victoria Hotel Victoria Depicts the Hotel Victoria - its flag flying - and terrace houses. The road was named after Disraeli (the English Tory P.M.). In the 1860's this area of South Melbourne was often flooded, Emerald Hill becoming an island. The photo was used to celebrate S -
4359 South Melbourne - Factory, Moray Street Depicts a cart, car,and factory in Moray Street North - along the Yarra Bank. This is where factories and stores were established during the building boom in the 1880's. The photo was used to celebrate South Melbourne Branch centenary in 1980. -
4360 South Melbourne - Shops, dwellings and Industries, Moray Street Depicts a view looking north-east over the industrial area beyond Moray Street, South Melbourne. Many of these corner shops and dwellings were made from weatherboard, stone and brick in the building boom. The photo was used to celebrate South Melbourne B -
4361 Melbourne - Rowing and Yacht Clubs, Albert Park Yacht Club. Depicts Albert Park,the rowing clubs,and the Albert Park Yacht Club. By the early 1900's the interest had turned to model yacht racing. The photo was used to celebrate South Melbourne Branch centenary in 1980. -
4362 South Melbourne - Terrace Houses, Canterbury Terrace Depicts a large block of terrace houses which were built in 1887. built in 1887. These housed the These housed the new professional class such as managers, surveyors and builders. Tenants came to this area after the building boom when the South Melbo -
4363 South Melbourne - South Melbourne Market Depicts horses and carts outside the South Melbourne Market. Around the market were such shops as the "Chinese Herbalist's". By 1883, the market gardeners and produce merchants had persuaded the council to provide two additional sheds,and a weighbridge w -
4364 Melbourne - Yarra Bank Factories Depicts the factories along the Yarra River. One of the best-known of these was Langlands foundry which built the first railway engine in Australia (in the mid 1850's). A number of Boat and Ship Repairers also lined the river. The Photo was used to celebr -
4365 South Melbourne - Middle Park Hotel, Canterbury Road Depicts the exterior of the hotel .A horse and cart and gentlemen are standing outside the front of the Hotel. The photograph was used to celebrate South Melbourne's Branch centenary in 1980. -
4366 Melbourne - Rochester Terrace Houses Depicts the Rochester Terrace built in 1868 by W.P. Buckhurst at the cost of 10,000 pounds. Buckhurst was a big purchaser of crown land in this district and was a well known builder. This building has been called one of the finest Australian Terrace build -
4367 Melbourne - Hall of Commerce, corner Clarendon and Dorcas Streets Depicts a two-story structure designed by architect W.S. Law. It was erected in 1885 on the corner of Clarendon Street and Dorcas Street. There were verandahs added after completion of the building prior to 1890. This building has since been demolished -
4368 Melbourne - Harcourt's Drapery, Park Street Depicts the Harcourt's Drapery in Park Street which combined Gothic and Nouveau styles in its facade. As part of the Emerald Hill project the verandah was restored. The building now houses the Victorian Tapestry workshop, and has at various times containe -
4369 South Melbourne - Shops and Dwellings, Clarendon and Bank Streets. Depicts the shops and dwellings along the South West of Clarendon and Bank Streets with a horse drawn coach which were soon joined by the first cable-tram, which operated from the city to South Melbourne route. The cable-tram ran from the Melbourne town -
4370 South Melbourne - Shops and Dwellings, Clarendon Street looking south. Depicts a view looking from an intersection of Clarendon and Banks Streets. The cast iron verandahs with the striped roofs were common in South Melbourne in 1890. -