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Series title: Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files
Unit number: 17
Date range: -
Public access: Open
Format: Box
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 12024
Consignment number: P0001
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254 Caledonian Land Bank Limited in liquidation Affidavit of Isaac Jacobs Affidavit of James Swan Ton Vickery 1890 - 1890
255 Estate of Walter Scott Stanton Mary Ann Stanton Walter Owen Stanton Elizabeth Louisa Stanton Margaret Stanton James Robert Stanton Elizabeth Stanton Edwin Exon Affidavit of William Charles Sharp 1890 - 1890
256 Henry Morgan Affidavit of Sarah Jane Morgan John William Morgan Samuel Samson Chipchase 1890 - 1890
257 Will of Rowland Chambers Affidavit of Charles Tresise Affidavit of Oliver Cromwell Chambers Affidavit of Thomas McNeil Affidavit of William Bruce 1890 - 1890
259 Mornington Park Estate Company Limited in liquidation 1890 - 1890
260 Augustine John Madden Petition of The Mercantile Bank of Australia Limited 1890 - 1890
261 The Reservoir Hotel Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of James Birthwistle 1890 - 1890
262 The Victorian Farmers Gazette Newspaper Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of Edward A Smart 1890 - 1890
263 Will of Alexander Cameron Christina Cameron Mary Cameron Petition of John Cameron Affidavit of John Cameron Affidavit of Mary Cameron 1890 - 1890
264 Trusts of Indenture between Jane Hallion Patrick Hallion William Cavanagh Thomas Cavanagh Affidavit of George Edward Whitehead Affidavit of William O'Mara 1890 - 1890
265 Will of William Lennox Affidavit of Joseph Lennox and William Liversage 1890 - 1890
266 Will and Estate of Alfred Horton Rollason Joseph Inman Affidavit of Emma Rollason Affidavit of Joseph Inman 1890 - 1890
267 The Goulburn Valley Farmers' Cooperative Grain Produce and General Store Company Limited Affidavit of Robert Johnston 1890 - 1890
268 Will of Mary Lester deceased Affidavit of James Vine and John McAdam 1890 - 1890
269 Mittagong Coal Mining Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of Robert Beeston 1890 - 1890
270 Will of James Campsie Dalglish Affidavit of Marie Sophie Nicholson Dalglish and John Dalglish 1890 - 1890