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Series title: Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files
Unit number: 18
Date range: -
Public access: Open
Format: Box
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 12024
Consignment number: P0001
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Description Date Range
271 Will of Jacob Hirsch 1890 - 1890
272 Isabina McKay James McKay Affidavit of Valentine Flood Nagle 1890 - 1890
273 Melbourne Rockwell Silver Mining Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of John Danks Affidavit of Robert George Johnson Affidavit of Henry Cordell Affidavit of John Smithsdown Hobday 1890 - 1890
274 Trusts of Indenture betweenJohn Alexander Hay Marianne Dickson Walter Adamson Henry Jennings 1890 - 1890
275 Petition of Henry John Francis Rickards Harvey Selby Rickards John Buckley Anne Elizabeth Cruikshank 1890 - 1890
276 Petition of Henry John Francis Rickards Harvey Selby Rickards Settled Estate of Anne Elizabeth Cruikshank 1890 - 1890
277 Will of Abraham Edwin Biggs Edwin Affidavit of Frederick Biggs and Thomas Edward Serpell John Toon 1890 - 1890
278 Application for Guardianship Michael Dawson Fallon Affidavit of Thomas Patrick Fallon 1890 - 1890
279 Mentone Hotel Company Limited in liquidation Royal Permanent Building Society Affidavit of Hugh Harper Mussen 1890 - 1890
280 The Simpson's Estate Company Limited in liquidation Petition of Alfred Dunn and Hugh Macdonald Chrisp Alfred Dunn and Chrisp Affidavits of Edward Walter Outhwaite 1890 - 1890
281 Will and Estate of Simon Moss Application of Roderick Murchison and David Braham 1890 - 1890
283 Will of Ewen Robertson Affidavit of Duncan Robert McGregor Angus Robertston and Catherine Robertson Elizabeth Robertson 1890 - 1890
284 Will and Estate of Janet McMillan Peter McMillan deceased Application of James Silas McMillan 1890 - 1890
285 Liberator Printing and Publishing Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of William Jackson Brown 1890 - 1890
286 The General Mutual Investment and Building Society in liquidation Affidavit of Hugh Septimus Winter Affidavit of Harry Cheese 1890 - 1890
File No. 282 Essendon Land Tramway and Investment Company Limited Petition of The City of Melbourne Bank Limited 1890 -