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Series title: General Correspondence Files, Annual Single Number System
Unit number: 976
Date range: -
Public access: Closed (s11)
Format: Box
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 9458
Consignment number: P0001
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Description Date Range
F8613121R/0001 FOI Request All Papers Relating To The Appointment Of Ben Goldberg As A Consultant On Generic Pharmaceuticals Lloyd Alistair I K Executive Director Pharmaceutical Society Of -
F8613131J/0001 Australian Bureau Of Statistics Correspondence - File Closed See F8613132a -
F8613132A/0001 Australian Bureau Of Statistics Correspondence - File Closed See F8902571m -
F8613141B/0001 Economic Forecasts By Other Organisations Gas & Fuel Corporation -
F86131513/0001 Computer Systems Officer Class Cso-1 Recruitment Program -
F8613161R/0001 Legal Officer Category Review -
F8613171J/0001 Sanyo Securities Co. Ltd. -
F8613181B/0001 FOI Request All Documents Relating To Establishment Of A Low Security Prison For Woman Prisoners Within Australia Swann Dr. P.d. -
F86132014/0001 Melbourne Metropolitan Board Of Works Interest Rate Swap Yen Fixed/Floating Sai Tama Bank -
F8613211S/0001 Records Management Services Review -