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Series title: Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files
Unit number: 19
Date range: -
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Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 12024
Consignment number: P0001
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287 Application of William Eberhard Sander Affidavit of Louis Waxman 1890 - 1890
288 Caldwell's Australian Wine Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of Henry Roughton Hogg 1890 - 1890
289 David Munro and Company Limited Affidavit of George Dick Mendell Affidavit of Thomas Perchard Affidavit of Herbert Wilson Affidavit of Ludwig Wilhelm Julius Brunn 1890 - 1890
291 Elizabeth Barlow Daniel McRorie Affidavit of Sarah Kenyon John Hayes Kenyon William Barlow Affidavit of Robert Gurney Claxton 1890 - 1890
292 Thomas Brunton Henry Wallace Joseph Charles Martin Cowan James Wallace deceased Frederick Wooton Danby Lormer Andrews Affidavit of Joseph Charles Martin Cowan Affidavit of John Aloysius Farmer Affidavit of Thomas Brunton 1890 - 1890
293 Will of Charles Swain 1890 - 1890
294 The Victorian Schanschieff Electric Light and Power Company Limited 1890 - 1890
295 Australian and British Land Deposit and Agency Company Limited Affidavit of Orlando Sadler Bull 1890 - 1890
296 Douglas and Sons Limited in liquidation Affidavit of Alfred Priestley 1890 - 1890
297 John Hunter Jeanette Hunter Affidavit of Annie Ellen Hunter Affidavit of Edward Johnson Affidavit of Laura Dennis Affidavit of John Hunter Affidavit of George and James Smith 1890 - 1890
298 Settled Estate of Elizabeth Story Affidavit of Elizabeth Story Affidavit of Henry Walter Courtenay Simpson Affidavit of William Haslam Edgar 1890 - 1890
299 Issac Folk deceased Petition of Angel Ellis Samuel Ellis Affidavit of Angel Ellis Affidavit of Elizabeth Levy Affidavit of Lewis Moss Affidavit of Samuel Mark Folk Affidavit of Louis Marks Rose Solomon Julia Moss Scoresby Shepherd 1890 - 1890
300 Will of John Holland Petition of Andrew Fulton Affidavit of Andrew Fulton 1890 - 1890
301 Michael Hogan 1890 - 1890
302 Trusts of Indenture James Watson Affidavit of Sydney Charles Arnold Affidavit of Rober Taylor Affidavit of Robert Samuel Henderson Affidavit of Samuel Henderson Affidavit of Frederic Elliott Grant 1890 - 1890
303 Will of Charles Walters Petition of Elizabeth Walters and Catherine Walters Affidavit of Thomas Worthington Affidavit of John Stafford Gunn 1890 - 1890
304 Frederick William Debney The Climax Evaporating Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of Frederick William Debney Affidavit of Archibald Dickson Hunter 1890 - 1890
305 McDonald and Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of George Evans Affidavit of John Robert Smedley Affidavit of Albert Turner Affidavit of Michael McDonald Affidavit of Joseph Winter 1890 - 1890
307 Bairnsdale Brewing and Distilling Company Limited in liquidation Affidavit of John Amow Smith Affidavit of James Taylor 1890 - 1890