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Series title: Companies and Miscellaneous Applications Files
Unit number: 14
Date range: -
Public access: Open
Format: Box
Location: North Melbourne

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Series number: VPRS 12024
Consignment number: P0001
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Description Date Range
227 Estates of John George Allbeury Affidavit of Henry Herbert King Affidavit of Charles Reeves Affidavit of Alfred Shaw Fitchett 1889 - 1889
228 Trustees of Indenture between James Conroy and Henry Miller Victorian Fire and Marine Insurance Company Affidavit of William Lee Archer 1889 - 1889
229 Louis Solomon Petition of George Webster and John Binnie George Webster and Company 1889 - 1889
231 Melville Greer infant Centennial Land Bank Limited Abram Loel Affidavit of Abram Loel 1889 - 1889
232 Paroquet Gold Mining Company Affidavit of William Joseph Burton Affidavit of Frank Scarr 1889 - 1889
233 Estate of John Sheedy deceased intestate 1889 - 1889
234 Peter Rumpf Peter Rumpf junior George Rumpf Rumpf and Sons Caulfield Tramway Company Limited Affidavit of Edward Percival Hastings 1889 - 1889
235 Will and Estate of Esther Legh 1889 - 1889
236 Application for Guardianship Emma Edith Coppin Lucy May Coppin Daisie Eva Jane Coppin George Selth Coppin 1889 - 1889
237 Estate of Samuel Barker deceased intestate 1889 - 1889
238 Application to Wind Up Melbourne Dairy Produce Company Limited Affidavit of William Henry Husband 1889 - 1889
239 Christmas Silver Mining Company Limited in liquidation 1889 - 1889
240 Estate of James Ramsey deceased intestate Affidavit of Elizabeth Ramsay Affidavit of George Donaldson and George Milne Affidavit of William Cain 1889 - 1889
241 Petition of Louisa Morris Mary Morris William Templeton Affidavit of William Templeton Affidavit of David Thomas Buchan 1889 - 1889
242 Will of James Muir deceased 1889 - 1889
243 Financial and Land Corporation Limited Donald Fraser Affidavit of Donald Fraser Affidavit of Charles McDowell James Hamilton Fraser 1889 - 1889
244 Will and Codicil of Henrich Carl Theodor Schafer Affidavit of Louise Pickrot formely Louise Schafer 1889 - 1889
245 Charles Russell Willder John Willder Derbin Hammond Willder Annie Sophia Willder Application for Guardianship Caroline Frances Willder Affidavit of Derbin Willder Affidavit of John Fortesque Cockburn Anderson 1889 - 1889
246 Application for Guardianship Charles Aleck Roadnight Clarke Charles Ernest Clarke 1890 - 1890
247 Application for Guardianship Constance Caroline De Burgh Purves George Gordon De Burgh Purves Harry Burgh Purves Noel Wilshere De Burgh Purves Constance De Burgh Purves Affidavit of Constance De Burgh Purves James Henry Waterfield James Liddell Purves 1889 - 1889