Series VPRS 8363
Contact Prints and Negatives : Alpha-Numeric Classification
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Date Range: Series Circa 1958 - 1977
  Series in Custody 1958 - 1977
  Contents 1958 - 1977
Public Access: Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1958 - 1977 Melbourne Harbor Trust Commissioners VA 2799
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1978 - 1995 Port of Melbourne Authority VA 1426
2003 - cont Port of Melbourne Corporation VA 4028
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
  • How to use the Records
    The following list of classification codes was found with the series. Researchers can consult this list in order to identify the code(s) which are most relevant to their research then scan the Records Description List to identify negatives and contact prints classified under this code. Alternatively the Records Description List can also be scanned without reference to the codes as the items have been listed by broad subject.

    Classification Codes for Photographs

    Aerials A.1
    Amenities A.2
    Animals & Birds A.3
    Army A.4

    Cargoes C.1
    Barley & Flour etc. C.1a
    Coal C.1b
    Containers C.1c
    Dairy Produce C.1d
    Fruit C.1e
    Inside sheds C.1f
    Iron C.1g
    Machinery C.1h
    Meat C.1i
    Paper C.1j
    Phosphate C.1k
    Rice C.1l
    Timber C.1m
    Vehicles C.1n
    Wool C.1o
    Other C.1p
    Commercial C.2
    Coode Island C.3
    Cranes, Floating C.4a
    Cranes, Container C.4b
    Conferences C.5

    Diving D.1
    Dredging D.2
    Dry Docks D.3

    Electrical E.1
    Radio Telephone Comm. E.1a
    Exhibitions & Festivals E.2
    Moomba E.2a

    Fishing F.1
    Flags & Figureheads F.2
    Floating Dock F.3

    Government Dept. G.1
    Governor of Victoria G.2

    Historical H.1
    People H.1a
    Places H.1b
    Ships H.1c
    Industry I.1
    Inspection Tours I.2
    The Commissioner I.2a

    Lighthouses & Beacons L.1
    Little Ships (see also Ships) L.2
    Sail L.2a

    Melb. Harbour Trust M.1
    Chairman & Commissioners M.1a
    Damage to Property M.1b
    Insignias M.1c
    Offices & Building Stores M.1d
    Port Hostesses M.1e
    Social Club M.1f
    Staff M.1g
    Vessels & Floating Plan
    (Excluding dredging) M.1h
    Melbourne - City M.2
    Suburbs M.2a
    Migrants M.3
    Mission to Seamen M.4
    Mobile Cargo Handling Equipment M.5

    Navy N.1

    Oil Berths O.1
    B'Water Pier O.1a
    Newport Oil Wharf O.1b
    Yarraville Oil Wharf O.1c
    Olympic O.2

    Pictorial P.1
    Landscape P.1a
    Waterfront P.1b
    Pigott S. Workshops P.2
    Port Services P.3
    Protective Services P.4
    Cargo Check Gates P.4a
    Fire P.4b
    First Aid P.4c
    Frogmen P.4d
    Pilferage P.4e
    Salvaging Opera P.4f
    Pilot Service P.5
    Port Melbourne P.6
    Princes Pier P.6a
    Station Pier P.6b
    Port Constructions P.7
    Port Model P.8
    Port Inspections P.9
    Port Population P.10
    People in Port P.11

    Railways (Port) R.1
    River Crossing R.2
    Roadways (Port) R.3
    Royal Tours R.4

    Sailors S.1
    Shipping Personnel & Buildings S.2
    Ships (see also Little Ships) S.3
    Australian S.3a
    British S.3b
    American S.3c
    Dutch S.3d
    French S.3e
    German S.3f
    Greek S.3g
    Italian S.3h
    Japanese S.3i
    Norwegian S.3j
    Panamanian S.3k
    Russian S.3l
    Swedish S.3m
    other S.3n
    Ship's Gear S.4
    State Towns S.5

    Tankers T.1
    Webb Dock T.2
    Tugs T.3

    Victoria Dock Police V.1

    Wharf scenes W.1
    Wharf Apron W.1a
    Wharf Roadway W.1b
    Wharves W.2
    Appleton Dock. W.2a
    Footscray W.2b
    North Wharf W.2c
    South Wharf W.2d
    Victoria Dock W.2e
    Yarraville (Excluding Oil) W.2f
    Williamstown Workshops & Slipways W.3
    Williamstown Piers Excl. B'water W.4
    Ann Street W.4a
    Ferguson W.4b
    Gellibrand W.4c
    Gem W.4d
    Nelson W.4e
    Reid St. W.4f
    W.T.G. W.5

  • Function / Content
    This series consists of black and white contact prints and negatives maintained within an alpha-numeric subject classification system.

    P1 consignment: is made up of contact prints.
    P2 consignment: is made up of black and white negatives.

    Originally, each item comprised a black and white negative, measuring (on average) 12.5 x 10cm, stapled behind a contact print of the negative on photographic paper measuring 16.5 x 12cm. The additional space beside the contact print itself was been provided to record the following details:

    * classification code. This is an alpha-numeric code ranging from A1 to W5. The codes used reflect an alphabetic subject approach to the classification of the prints. For example A1 stands for aerial photographs, A2 for amenities, C1 for Cargoes through to W5 for World Trade Centre.

    * negative number. It is evident that negatives were numbered sequentially although it is not clear upon what basis.

    * date photo taken.

    * location.

    * whether reproduced. This entry only appears for some of the prints.

    * additional details. These may include the name of the person in the case of a portrait or may include some additional comments.

    Date Range: The photograghs appear to have been taken between 1958 and 1977.

    Background: In the early 1950's the Melbourne Harbor Trust Commissioners appointed a staff photographer Dudley Robinson. Robinson resigned on 24 January 1958 and was succeeded by a Mr Hendrickson. The staff photographer was responsible for providing a visual record of the facilities and activities of the agency and of related matters.

  • Recordkeeping System
    The original arrangement of the series was significantly disturbed after the series was documented by PRO in 1990. The agency contact tried to intersort the two separately maintained sets of contact prints (one created under existing subject headings and another created under later addition of subject headings). The series was rearranged under alpha-numeric subject classification system in 1992 before it was transferred to the Public Record Office. Within each subject group prints as well as the corresponding negatives were arranged in negative number order which are marked on the contact prints.

    P2 Consignment/The Corresponding Extant Negatives

    The extant negatives which were pinned together with the contact prints were separated from the prints at the time of processing as they required different storage arrangements. It was decided to register them as part of one series as they were created and maintained together as part of the same system by the creating agency.

    In cases where there are no extant negatives the prints are marked with the notation "No Negs".

    Range of Control Symbols

    Series: A.1 to W.5

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