Series VPRS 17092
Photograph Albums, SECV Latrobe Valley Photo Collection
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Date Range: Series By 1920 - ? 1990
  Series in Custody 1908 - 1990
  Contents 1908 - 1990
Public Access: Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1920 - 1990 State Electricity Commission of Victoria I (previously known as the Electricity Commissioners) VA 1002
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1995 - cont Office of the Administrator VA 4086
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
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  • Function / Content
    The SECV Latrobe Valley Photographic collection began in the 1920s with photographs taken of the progress of construction of the Yallourn Township, Power Station and Briquette Factory. It continued on a part-time basis until after World War II and eventually a full-time photographer was appointed and attached to the Yallourn Drawing Office. Between 1957 and 1961 the Morwell Project ran a separate photographic activity. 1962 saw the formation of the Latrobe Valley Region, which merged Yallourn and the Morwell Project. This resulted in the two photographic functions combining as part of the Yallourn Drawing Office.

    In the 1990s, with the corporatisation, disaggregation and privatisation of the SECV, the photographic collection was allocated to PowerWorks, which was jointly owned by the three Latrobe Valley based generation companies. In late 2010 the collection was transferred back into SECV custody.

    The collection is made up of:

    -Photographic Prints and B & W Negatives,
    -Photographs in albums,
    -Glass Plate negatives,
    - 35mm slides,
    - Indexes

    This series comprises albums containing photographs documenting the construction of the Briquette Factory at Yallourn, development of the electric power supply industry in Victoria by the SECV, Morwell and Yallourn and other power stations.

    For photographic series from the SECV Head Office Photo Collection, refer to the inventory of series for SECV (VA 1002).

    This series comprises thirteen consignments listed below:

    P1-Morwell Briquette and Power Station Construction, Plant and Equipment-1949-1990.

    P2-Hydro Electricity - Kiewa, Sugarloaf, Mt Beauty. Construction of Hydro Power Stations, Dams, Townships, Racelines, Camps, Housing -1939-1960.

    P3-Yallourn Works Area and Township - Yallourn Weir, Water Treatment Plant, Switchyard, Transmission Towers, Brick Works, Yallourn Township, Latrobe River, "Old" Brown Coal Mine Township -1920-1960.

    P4-Yallourn Power Station Construction-1920-1960.

    P5-Yallourn Mine and Yallourn North Brown Coal Mine - Construction, Erection and Maintenance of Plant, Dredgers, Conveyors, Ditch Bunkers, Rolling Stock, Overburden, Rail Track Shifter, Steep Haulage, Dump Trucks and Rail Vehicles-1920-1970.

    P6-Yallourn Briquette Factory - Ditch Bunker, Briquette Presses, Aerial Photographs, Boiler House Firing Floor Basement-1920-1940.

    P7-Yallourn W Power Station - Mill Inspections, Ash Hoppers, Bunker Lining, Feeder Conveyors, Coal Chutes, Crushers, Feeder Casing, Bunker Outlet Lining, Air Cannon Installations-1967-1990.

    P8-Morwell Open Cut - Conveyors, Moveable Conveyors, Travelling Hopper, Trailling Frame, Tail Unit, Rolling Stock, Mobile Plant, Rising Conveyors to Slot Bunker, West Field Conveyors Stage 1-1949-1968.

    P9-Melbourne Electricity Supply Co Ltd - Power Stations Geelong A, Shepparton, Richmond, Geelong Tramways, Richmond Workshops, Transformer Shop, Meter Testing Laboratory, Stores, Transport Workshops, Sub Stations, Street Lights-1919-1952.

    P10-SECV National And International - Power Stations and Coal Mines in Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany and Europe. Equipment used in construction and operation of Power Stations and Coal Mines-1908-1979.

    P11-Loy Yang A and B Power Stations Construction. Transportation of large items of Plant to Site-1980-1989.

    P12-SECV Sites Statewide - Fire Fighting Equipment, Protection of Personnel, Lighting Restrictions, Defence Work and SECV World War 2 Training and Air Raid Precautions. Mt Beauty, Kiewa, Dederang, Rocky Valley Dam, Eildon, Clover Dam. Power Stations Geelong B, Ballarat B, Newport, Shepparton, Richmond, Warrnambool, Red Cliffs. Terminal Stations - Malvern and Thomastown. Newborough Housing-1918-1990.

    P13 - Yallourn Power Station, Briquette Factory and other sites, 1916 - 1967

  • Recordkeeping System
    There is no formal recordkeeping system for this series.

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Consignment Number Contents Date Range Public Access No. of Units
P0001 1949 - 1990 Open 10
P0002 1939 - 1960 Open 8
P0003 1920 - 1969 Open 19
P0004 1920 - 1960 Open 13
P0005 1920 - 1970 Open 23
P0006 1920 - 1940 Open 5
P0007 1967 - 1990 Open 11
P0008 1949 - 1968 Open 14
P0009 1919 - 1952 Open 2
P0010 1908 - 1979 Open 11
P0011 1980 - 1989 Open 8
P0012 1918 - 1990 Open 16
P0013 1916 - 1967 Open 9
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