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Minutes of Meetings
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Date Range: Series 1938 - 1983
  Series in Custody 1938 - 1983
  Contents 1938 - 1983
Public Access: Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1938 - 1983 Housing Commission of Victoria VA 508
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1991 - 1992 Department of Planning and Housing VA 3013
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
  • How to use the Records
    Using the Records

    Researchers should use the indexes in units 1 and 4 to gain reference to minutes up to meeting number 334. For access to subsequent minutes researchers may need to know the approximate date when the matters of interest were discussed and examine the minutes for that period.

    Other series which may provide references to the Housing Commission minutes include:

    VPRS 8206 Minutes - Co-ordination Committee (1948-1956);
    VPRS 8210 Minutes - Utility Services Advisory Committee (1943-1954);
    VPRS 8204 Diary Notes - Informal Meetings of the Housing Commission (1975-1976).


    As an outcome of the report of the Housing Investigation and Slum Abolition Board (VA 3019), the Housing Act 1937 (No.4531) was proclaimed. Under that Act the Housing Commission was appointed and first met on 1 March 1938. The Commission's early activity was devoted to making recommendations for proposed further legislation relating to slum clearance and re-housing. Recommendations resulted in the Slum Reclamation and Housing Act 1938 (No.4568) being proclaimed in October 1938.

    The Housing Commission continued to meet regularly until its final meeting, number 2278, on 2 December 1983. The Commission was abolished on 1 January 1984 under provisions of the Housing Act 1983 and all remaining functions were assumed by the Ministry of Housing (VA 609).


    Section 14(3) of the Housing Act 1937 required that the Housing Commission "cause correct minutes of all its meetings to be kept". The minutes in this series are original typed minutes which have been signed as confirmed by the Chairman of the Commission.


    The minutes of the Housing Commission record the proceedings and decisions taken by the Commission in relation to their administration under the housing acts of Victoria as amended from time to time. The matters dealt with by the Commission varied over time but included:

    improvement of existing housing conditions;

    determining minimum standards for new housing;

    reclamation of unsanitary areas;

    provision of housing for persons of limited means;

    zoning of municipal districts;

    provision of housing for the aged;

    provision of housing for Aborigines;

    P1 Consignment

    The P1 consignment comprises all Housing Commission meeting minutes except for those created between 19 December 1978 (meeting No.2627) and 12 July 1981 (meeting No.2688). The whereabouts of the missing minutes was not known at the time this consignment was transferred.

    The minutes are arranged chronologically within volumes by date of meeting. Each set of minutes is also numbered in a continuous sequence commencing from meeting number 1 of 1 March 1938 to meeting number 2728 of 2 December 1983.

    Unit 1 of the P1 consignment contains an alphabetical subject index which indexes units 1, 2 and 3 (meetings 1 to 300). Unit 4 contains a similar index which partially indexes that volume to meeting 334. No other indexes to this series were extant at the time of transfer.

    The minutes in units 1 to 8 of this consignment are pasted onto pages within the volumes. The pages within these units are numbered sequentially from page 1 in unit 1 to page 800 in unit 8. From meeting no.1 to meeting 650 the page and meeting numbers are the same. From page 651 to page 700 in unit 7 there are no minutes pasted onto pages. Unit 8 contains page 701, meeting 651 to page 7523, meeting 703, with blank pages from pages 754 to 800.

    Minutes in units 9 to 72 are arranged sequentially by meeting number with no page numbering. These minutes (from meeting number 704) were originally maintained in loose-leaf binders but were later bound, probably annually, into permanent and uniform volumes. Minutes in Unit 72 are still bound in the original loose-leaf "Kalamazoo" style binder.

    Researchers may also consult Housing Commission annual reports and the reports of relevant Boards of Inquiry and Royal Commissions which may be located in Papers Presented to Parliament.

    System of Arrangement/Control

    Series: Volumes arranged sequentially by:
    1938 to 1946: range of page numbers within volumes;
    1947 to ?1981: range of meeting numbers within volumes;
    ?1981 to 1983: none apparent.

    Contents: Each set of minutes is numbered sequentially. From 1938 to 1946 (Units 1 to 8 of the P1 consignment) pages within volumes are numbered in a continuous sequence.

    Range Control Symbols

    1938 to 1946: pages 1-100 to pages 701-800
    1946 to ?1981: meeting nos.704-792 to meetings nos.?-2688
    ?1981 to 1983: none apparent

    Series in Custody:

    1937 to 1946: pages 1-100 to pages 701-800
    1947 to 1978: meeting nos.704-792 to meeting nos.?-2626
    1981 to 1983: non apparent.

    Contents in Custody:

    Meeting Nos. 1 to 2626
    Meeting Nos. 2626 to 2728
    Index: A - Z

    Preservation Statement

    P1 Consignment: Minutes for meetings 1 to 703 are typed on sheets of foolscap sized paper which have been pasted/glued onto larger blank pages within units 1 to 8. Units 9 to ? are similar typed sheets which have been collected and bound directly into volumes. Units (meeting 2134) to ?71 are typed sheets from a loose leaf "Kalamazoo" binder which have been collected and bound directly into volumes. The final unit is a "Kalamazoo" loose leaf binder. All minutes are typed with various coloured typewritten inks and are signed in a variety of pen inks. Binding of all volumes is in good condition. Except for the final unit, all volumes are fully leather bound.

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