Series VPRS 8143
Office Copies of Licences (Sample only Retained)
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Date Range: Series 1968 - ? 1986
  Series in Custody 1968 - 1986
  Contents 1968 - 1986
Public Access: Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1968 - 1986 Liquor Control Commission VA 1110
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1988 - 1998 Liquor Licensing Commission VA 2869
1998 - cont Director of Liquor Licensing VA 4824
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
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    System of Arrangement/Control

    Series : A system of sequentially numbered copies of licences. There is a separate sequence for each type of licence.

    Range of Control Symbols

    Series : From 1968-1979 : For each licence type : 1 to ?
    : From 1979 to ?1986 : 1900017 to 37?????

    Series Description

    This series consists of copies of annual liquor licences, new licences and duplicate licences issued by the Liquor Control Commission between 1968 and 1986, in accordance with provisions of the Liquor Control Act 1968. The copies were maintained by the Commission in loose-leaf binders, presumably as evidence of payment of licence fees, and as an accounting document.

    The copies are marked "Office Copy" and show the licence number, the period for which the licence was in force, the type of licence issued, name of licensee, nominee, the name and address of the licensed premises, amount of the licence fee, date and amount paid and any condition and annual permits attached to the licence. The format of the licence was determined by the Liquor Control Regulations, 1968 and changes to the format reflect amendments to those regulations as well as changes to office procedures.

    Annual licences were granted and fees set by the Liquor Control Commission at annual hearings which were generally held in November or December of the year preceding the year to which the licence was to apply. The granted licence would then be issued upon payment of the prescribed fee or payment of the first instalment.

    Up to 1979 the annual licences were issued by a manual system. For each type of licence there was a separate numerical sequence consisting of pre-printed licence forms with the sequential numbers also pre-printed. The forms appear to have been printed with at least two copies, one of which went to the licensee, and to have had a tear-off section on the right, bearing the same sequential number, which was used as a receipt for payment of the licence fee or instalment.

    After 1979 licences were computer generated. The copies of licences in this series for the period 1980 to 1981 are headed "Notice of Assessment (Office Copy-Licence)". After 1981 the forms are headed "Licence (Office Copy)". The copies are printed in the top right corner with a cash register imprint which shows licence number, amount paid, date and receipt number. The amount paid as shown on these copies may refer to payment of the licence fee as a lump sum or payment of the first, quarterly instalment. Payment of subsequent instalments was not recorded on these sheets.

    Full details of payments of licence fees were recorded in VPRS 7701, Liquor Licence Payment Details Ledgers. The ledgers for period 1977 to 1982 are extant in the P1 consignment of that series.

    Licence numbers as they appear on the computer printouts for this period are seven digit numbers the first two digits of which indicate the type of licence (see below). The last digit is a randomly assigned computer "check-digit" which enabled the computer program to check that the licence number and details were correct. The middle four digits form the unique numbers which identify individual licences. This part of the number corresponds to the number used up to c.1979 to identify each individual licensed premises. At an unknown time the files held in VPRS 7712, Licence Case Files, had been arranged alphabetically by name of licensed premises for each licence type. In c.1955 a sequential numbering system was applied to the files with a different sequence commencing at 1 for each licence type. In c.1979 this sequential number was incorporated into the new, computer, licence number.

    The first two digits identify licence type as follows:

    19 Hotel Keepers Licence
    20 Retail Bottle Liquor Licence
    21 Club Licence
    22 Restaurant Licence
    23 Cabaret Licence
    24 Vigneron's Licence
    25 Canteen Licence
    26 Theatre Licence
    27 Tourist Facility Licence
    28 Cider Tavern Licence
    29 Brewer's Licence
    30 Australian Wine Licence
    31 Residential Licence
    33 Ships Provender Licence
    35 Convention Facility Licence
    37 Wholesale Liquor Merchant`s Licence

    These computer forms were generated in quadruplicate on pressure sensitive, chemically treated paper. The top copy was retained, after being imprinted by the cash register, as the office copy. Subsequent copies were "Licensee's copy", "Police Copy" and "Supervisor's Copy".

    The series is determined to have commenced in 1968 which is the year in which the first licences in the series were issued. The end date is uncertain due to the number of sets of office copies of licences that are not extant. In the absence of records for the years after 1986 the end date is determined to be ?1986.

    Sample Licences Retained

    The P1 consignment consists of a sample of licences which has been transferred into archival custody in accordance with reference 10.6.2 of the Liquor Licensing Commission Records Disposal Schedule, PROS 88/15. The provisions of reference 10.6.2 are that the sample should include one licence from each licence category for each year. As a number of sets of office copies of licences were not extant at the time this consignment was processed, the sample is incomplete and includes no copies of licences for the years 1972 and 1973, 1975 to 1978 and 1982.

    The records from which this sample was taken have been destroyed in accordance with Reference 10.6.0 of the above Disposal Schedule.

    The retained sample includes examples of all licence categories and formats issued by the Liquor Control Commission from 1968 to 1986. In conjunction with other records the sample illustrates the system of annual licence renewal operated by the Commission. Individual office copies of licences are best accessed by examining the records description list for the P1 consignment. The record of the granting of annual licences may be found in VPRS 7601 (Metropolitan) and VPRS 7602 (Country).

    Conservation Statement

    Retained sample consists of several different types of paper with writing in black printer's ink, blue and black carbon copy, rubber stamp ink and typewriter ribbon ink. Forms up to c.1979 are on (approx) 80gsm paper (bond?). From c.1979 the papers are computer printer form-feed paper of various qualities and sizes. Some of these (all?) are pressure sensitive, chemically treated paper.

    Some papers are large and may be bent in the box.

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