Series VPRS 7316
Correspondence (Administration, Policy, Company and Project) Files, Multiple Number Series
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Date Range: Series 1979 - 1986
  Series in Custody 1979 - 1986
  Contents 1949 - 1985
Public Access: Part Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1979 - 1981 Department of State Development, Decentralisation and Tourism VA 2881
1981 - 1983 Ministry for Economic Development VA 2880
1983 - 1985 Department of Industry, Commerce and Technology VA 1393
1985 - 1986 Department of Industry, Technology and Resources VA 2661
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1985 - 1990 Department of Industry, Technology and Resources VA 2661
2002 - cont Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development VA 4564
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
  • How to use the Records
    Refer to the consignment details and identify the required unit which contains the required file.

  • Function / Content
    This series contains general correspondence files.

  • Recordkeeping System
    After a review of the filing system and procedure by a team from the Public Service Board and with some Departmental input, a new file registration system and new filing procedures began being phased in January 1979. It took about 12 months to complete.

    Previous series which were top numbered into the new series were the multiple number correspondence series which had been in operation since 1977 and the company file portion of the Division of Industrial Developments's annual single number series which had continued after the amalgamation of registries in 1977. The top numbering of earlier files is thus responsible for the date range of the contents predating that of the series.

    The new correspondence series was a four number system, with the first three numbers indicating the subject classifications and the fourth number representing the particular item. The exception to this was in the 2/1/-/-/ area where 2/1 indicated it was a Decentralization/Company file. The third number identified the actual company and fourth number referred to whether it was the general, payroll tax. Ei Licence, etc file for that company (NB the company number was allocated sequentially with clocks of numbers allocated to each letter of the alphabet).

    Initially there were 10 primary numbers allocated to the system, with file covers colour coded according to the primary number vis:

    1. Administration Green
    2. Decentralization Orange
    3. Growth Centres Yellow
    4. Investment & Export Promotion
    5. Publicity Yellow
    6. Research Policy & Development tan
    7. Seminars & Conferences Yellow
    8. Sundry Committees, Organizations,
    Associations Yellow
    9. Tourism Pink
    10. Minister's Files White (Also used for development files)

    By 1984 the functions and emphasis of the Department had changed significantly, Tourism had been removed and therefore some filing categories had proved to be unworkable. Consequently, some new categories and numbers were added, others were discontinued and the files and contents of others were changed, as follows:

    1. Administration Green
    2. Company Orange
    3. State Projects Yellow
    4. Industry Tan
    6. Region Tan
    7. Govt. Purchasing Unit Yellow
    9. Policy Pink
    11. Economic Analysis Pink
    12. Project Orange
    14. Overseas Tan
    15. Regulation Review Unit Orange

    Except for the 2/1 and 12 categories, all the other files contain the bulk of the administrative and policy correspondence received or created by the Department. Such areas as Human Resources Branch and the Ministers office also hold policy material not necessarily duplicated on registry files.

    The 2/1 and 12/- categories are a case file sub-series and are referred to as `company' files. The 2/1 numbers were being phased out because they represent the old decentralization schemes. The 1984 changes led to the Regional Development team changing its emphasis from trying to assist a great many companies in a small way to assisting in a significant way, only a few (by comparison) companies with sufficiently good growth prospects. The assistance packages developed under the new scheme required much more detailed information to be provided by the companies and involve the Department to a much greater extent in the commercial affairs of the companies. Therefore files raised on these companies are of a different status to the 2/1 files and have been registered with a 12/- number.

    Many files, particularly in the Administration and Decentralization areas have been top-numbered from previous series. When files were converted to the new series a blue sheet stating that folio number was to commence from that point and giving the date (of conversion), was filed as top folio. As many files have no further action after this sheet was inserted, and the date of previous documents is before the sheet date, the blue sheets have not been taken into account when determining the date range of files.

    The files have colour coded covers and are headed either `Department of State Development and Decentralization' or `Ministry for Economic Development'. Inside the front cover are file movement cards with the file number and title on the top. When a file was sent to an officer the card was removed, annotated with the person's name and stored in numerical order until the file's return, when it was put back in the file.

    Control records to the series consist of an authorized list (register of files) a subject index and a name index. At the time of registration of the series there was a current list of files still in use in the Registry. A superseded list was found, and it has been registered as a permanent series in lieu of the transfer of current control records.

    In 1985/86 a records consultancy project resulted in the introduction of a single number with alpha prefix series to cover the whole of the Department of Industry Technology and Resources, including the Minerals and Energy component. The multiple number series has continued in tandem with the new series, although few new files are now being raised under this system.

    In regard to disposal, major culling has occurred with the company file portion of the series. Only a small number of company files have been retained either as a sample or because they document important cases of departmental involvement in decentralization or involve major companies on the industrial scene.

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Date Range Series Title Series Number
1979 - 1986 Authorised List of Files VPRS 7336
Controlled SeriesControlled Series
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Date Range Series Title Series Number
Previous SeriesPrevious Series
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Transfer Date Series Title Series Number
1977 - 1979 Correspondence Files of the Division of Industrial Development, Annual Single Number Series VPRS 7306
- 1979 Central Administration Correspondence Files, Multiple Number Series (2) VPRS 7323
- 1979 Regional Tourism Files VPRS 7324
Subsequent SeriesSubsequent Series
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Transfer Date Series Title Series Number
0 - 1986 General Correspondence Files, Alpha-Numeric System VPRS 12495
List/s of records in this seriesList/s of records in this series
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Consignment Number Contents Date Range Public Access No. of Units
P0001 1953 - 1984 Open 27
P0002 1971 - 1984 Closed 30
P0003 1949 - 1984 Closed 4
P0004 1973 - 1985 Closed 6
P0005 1972 - 1983 Open 22
P0006 1978 - 1981 Open 1
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Date Range Series Title Series Number
1979 - 1986 Authorised List of Files VPRS 7336
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