Series VPRS 12495
General Correspondence Files, Alpha-Numeric System
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Date Range: Series 1986 - 1996
  Series in Custody 1986 - 1996
  Contents 1965 - 1997
Public Access: Part Open
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1986 - 1990 Department of Industry, Technology and Resources VA 2661
1990 - 1992 Department of Manufacturing and Industry Development VA 3012
1992 - 1996 Department of Business and Employment VA 3096
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1999 - 2002 Department of State and Regional Development VA 4189
2002 - 2010 Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development VA 4564
2015 - cont Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources VA 5034
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
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    Use the consignment details to locate the relevant file.

  • Function / Content
    This series consists of correspondence files created by the Department of Industry Technology and Resources (DITR - VA 2661) in 1986 and continued by successor agencies until 1996. It appears to have functioned as the central filing system for each of these agencies with the exception of the Department of Business of Employment (VA 3096) where it was one of two main systems.

    The contents of files thus relate to the full range of activities undertaken by these agencies. These can be broadly defined as:

    Departmental administration - documenting housekeeping activities of the Department such as accounts, stores, transport and Freedom of Information Act requests. The great majority of these files were destroyed in 1999 under the provisions of PROS 96/13 General Disposal Schedule for Common Administrative Records.

    Industry and Technology/trade - encompassing two broad areas. The first is overseas trade. This covers matters such as the overseas promotion and marketing of Victorian industry, business migration, and the activities of Victorian overseas trade representatives such as the Agent-General in London and similar representatives in Germany, Japan and the United States. The other area broadly documents the Department's responsibilities in relation to the development of Victorian industry including files on topics such as industry technology, legislation, major projects and regionalisation.

    Company liaison - recording the relationship between the Department and individual (mostly private) companies. At least two types of file are apparent within this category. One is for files that document the details of a specific project or activity (such as relocation, revitalisation, technology support, export, investment facilitation and payroll/land tax issues) involving both the Department and company. The other, which accounts for the greater quantity in this category, is a client (or 'general') file that documents any other interaction between the two.

    Energy files - there are no files from this category in archival custody. This is because all of the files in this category were transferred to the Department of Energy and Minerals (VA 3055) in 1992 when energy and mineral resources functions were transferred from the Department of Manufacturing and Industry Development (VA 3012).

    Agency liaison - documenting the relationship between the Department and other agencies in the State and Federal Public Sectors. Most of the extant files relate to agencies within the Department's portfolio such as the Alpine Resorts Commission, Overseas Projects Corporation, Prices Commissioner, Victorian Tourism Commission and the Small Business Development Corporation. Most of the remaining files in this category were transferred to the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.

    Financial assessment of Victorian companies - conducted by the Department's Financial Management and Evaluation Group (FMEG) until 1992 and the Financial Management Administration Group (FMA) from 1993. FMEG assessed applications for Victorian Government grants valued above $50,000 to Victorian companies and FMA conducted assessments for Federal Government grants from AusIndustry that had no monetary limit. Irrespective of the period, these Groups assessed all companies applying for grants to establish whether these businesses were viable and possessed the necessary management skills for survival. Both Groups then monitored approved grants through the Business Assistance Reporting Scheme.

    Filing systems - Department of Business and Employment 1992

    This series does not contain files relating to functions by the Industry Services Division of the Department of Business and Employment during 1992. This Division maintained a separate annual single number filing system (VPRS 10982) which documented the Department's core labour functions including employment and training, industry regulation, industrial relations and occupational health and safety.

    Previous and subsequent series

    This series was established in 1986 to create a central filing system for the Department of Industry, Technology and Resources (DITR) replacing VPRS 7316. However, it appears new files continued to be created within VPRS 7316 for an undetermined period after the establishment of this series.

    This series was maintained by the successor Departments to DITR until 1996 when it was replaced by a single number system.

  • Recordkeeping System
    Files created in this registry system were allocated an alpha-numeric file number. The alpha character identified a particular category of subject file and the number identified the specific file created within that category.

    The following alpha characters were created during the life of the series. These were;

    * A prefix - Administration files
    * B and I prefixes - Industry and Technology/Trade files
    * C prefix - Company files
    * E prefix - Energy files
    * F prefix - Agency files
    * X and XX prefixes - financial assessment files. The X prefix relates to company assessments undertaken by FMEG and XX prefix to assessments undertaken by FMA. Assessments created prior to the formation of the X category in 1989 are to be found within the Company (C) files.

    Provision was made in this system for up to 9999 file numbers to be allocated within each alpha character/category. The numbering sequence reverted to number 1 when this allocation was exhausted, however, the alphabetical character would be modified by duplication (i.e the 10000th file created in the A category was registered as file AA0001 rather than A10000). This occurred for the A, C and I sequences.

    File numbers within each category were initially allocated by the RMS Electronic Management System. The Department replaced RMS with the RecFind system in May 1992. An alphabetical microfiche index that recorded file numbers and titles was also created in conjunction with the RMS system although at the time of transfer of the files no copies were known to exist. A similar index was not created in with the RecFind system.

    A significant percentage of file numbers also contain a suffix consisting of either a number or the alpha characters A or B. Judging from the file covers of this series, it would appear that this suffix functioned as a check digit imposed by RMS/RecFind. The suffix appears on a bar code label which was presumably used to track file movements. A little space appears between the alpha-numeric file number and this suffix but this was not replicated in instances where the number was manually written on the file cover or in the records descriptions lists prepared when the files were transferred to archives. This suffix should be ignored in every instance as it does not effect the alpha-numeric file number order.

    Files were titled in accordance with a thesaurus of terms that was not changed when RecFind was introduced. (Both RecFind and the thesaurus continued to be used until the single number series was introduced). A copy of the thesaurus can be found in this series but the relevant file is yet (November 2001) to be transferred.

    Consignment make-up:
    A prefix - p2 consignment
    B prefix - p1 consignment
    C prefix - to be transferred
    I prefix - p2 consignment
    F prefix - p2 consignment
    X prefix - p2 consignment
    XX prefix - p2 consignment

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0 - 1986 Correspondence (Administration, Policy, Company and Project) Files, Multiple Number Series VPRS 7316
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P0001 1986 - 1996 Closed 995
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