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Cabinet Committee Records I
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Date Range: Series 1982 - 1992
  Series in Custody 1982 - 1992
  Contents 1982 - 1992
Public Access: Closed
Location: North Melbourne
Format of Records: Physical
Agency which created this SeriesAgency which created this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1982 - 1992 Cabinet Office [known as Cabinet & Executive Branch 1991-1992; Cabinet Secretariat 1992 - 2015] VA 2989
Agency currently responsible for this SeriesAgency currently responsible for this Series
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Date Range Agency Title Agency Number
1982 - cont Cabinet Office [known as Cabinet & Executive Branch 1991-1992; Cabinet Secretariat 1992 - 2015] VA 2989
Description of this SeriesDescription of this Series
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    Search or browse the Consignment Details to identify records of the relevant Committee.

    Note that the date ranges of some records are given as years only (e.g. 1982 -- 1985), while other given as exact dates (e.g. 17/10/1991 -- 17/10/1991). Where the date range includes a date other than the first of the month, the dates specified are the dates of the record. Where the date range includes the first of the month, the record could be dated anywhere within the month.

  • Function / Content
    This is an artificial series. It comprises a variety of records which document the activities of Cabinet Committees and Sub Committees during the period of the Labor Governments of John Cain and Joan Kirner, 1982-1992. The series includes all non-submission Committee records of the Labor government known to be extant at October 1995.

    Cabinet Committees

    In April 1982 a Labor Government was elected. This government established a number of standing, ad hoc and general purpose committees which examined and reported to Cabinet on particular issues.

    The 1987 edition of the Cabinet Handbook (refer VPRS 11953/P1) identified ten standing Committees, each Chaired by the Premier or a Minister. These were:

    -- Priorities, Planning and Strategy Committee
    -- Economics Committee
    -- Industrial Relations Task Force
    -- Social Development Committee
    -- Natural Resources and Environment Committee
    -- Rural Affairs Committee
    -- Urban Infrastructure Committee
    -- Media Committee
    -- Regulation Review Committee
    -- Youth Guarantee.

    Other standing committees were appointed subsequently. The ad hoc and specific purpose Committees were established by Cabinet from time to time.

    Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Recordkeeping 1982 -- 1992

    The Labor Government elected in April 1982 formalised the Cabinet process and established a Cabinet Office within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet to operate as a secretariat. The Cabinet Office also assisted in arranging Committee meeting times and venues, preparing agendas and recording their decisions, although the exact practice varied between different Committees.

    Cabinet Committees used submissions as a means of bringing matters to Committee in a similar manner to the full Cabinet. Submissions were lodged with the Cabinet Office and distributed to Committee members prior to the meeting. Between 1982 and 1986 submissions to the various committees then in existence were maintained in separate sequences. For further information refer to the various Committee submission series (VPRS 11937, VPRS 11938, VPRS 11939, VPRS 11940, VPRS 11941 and VPRS 11942) and the register of submissions to Cabinet Committees (VPRS 11943). From 1987 all submissions to the various Committees were incorporated into a single sequence of submissions incorporating both Committee and Full Cabinet submissions. For further information refer to VPRS 11944 Master Copy of Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Submissions.
    In many instances the deliberations of a Cabinet Committee were written into the form of a submission to the full Cabinet. Such submissions may be found in VPRS 11944.

    There appeared, however, to be few recordkeeping requirements for non-submission based committee records. Consequently the form and arrangement of these records varied from Committee to Committee.

    Additionally, it appears that files detailing the operations of some committees were created as part of the Department of Premier and Cabinet's central registry system. Refer to VPRS 8197 General Correspondence Files, Multiple Number System II. Of particular note is the P0005 consignment of VPRS 8197 which contains files found with the records which were subsequently processed to form this series during 1995.

    Contents of this series

    This series comprises the non-submission committee records known to exist at October 1995. The completeness of the series in terms of representation of all committees or records for individual committees is unknown.

    Most of the records in this series are housed in manilla folders. Other items originally found in lever arch folders have been rehoused into folders. Due to the inconsistent method of creation and maintenance, folders may contain either a particular document type or a mixture of documents. Although folder titles also vary, folders generally contain the following types of records:

    -- administrative arrangements (meeting times and venues, etc). Such papers are typically placed in folders labelled either 'Operational Notes' or 'Meeting Notes'.

    -- agendas for committee meetings.

    -- briefing notes. These were usually prepared for Committee members or the Premier and usually pertained to submissions or occasionally other matters to be raised in the Committee meeting. These briefings were not part of VPRS 11951 Agendas and Briefing Papers which appears to deal only with Full Cabinet meetings.

    -- minutes of meetings. These recorded members present and the results of deliberations made during the meeting. Folders containing such papers are typically labelled either 'Minutes' or 'Decisions'.

    -- rough minutes as recorded by Cabinet Office staff. Folders containing such papers are typically labelled either 'Rough Minutes' or 'Meeting Notes'.

    -- reports to Cabinet. These usually comprised a Committee's draft of the submission to be presented to the Full Cabinet meeting, recording the deliberations of a meeting. The actual submission will be found in VPRS 11944 Master Copy of Cabinet and Cabinet-Committee Submissions.

    -- extracts from the Cabinet Record. This was the Committee's copy of specially produced portions from VPRS 11948 Cabinet Record which was the official record of decisions made by the full Cabinet.

    The series includes folders which combine all of the above documents or, less frequently, folders pertaining to particular subjects. In order to easily identify such folders in the records description list, the descriptive term 'General file' has been used.

  • Recordkeeping System
    As this series was constructed by the Public Record Office Victoria to bring together a variety of records, there was no original control record.

    The records for each Committee have been boxed together. In the P0001 consignment Committees have been arranged into a chronological sequence based on the earliest record found for each Committee. For example, Committees with records dating from 1982 were listed first and those dating from 1992 were placed last. The P0002 consignment comprises records of the Industrial Relations Task Force subcommittee.

    Also found with these records were the relevant committee's copy of submissions made to it. These have not been processed with this series (although small quantities may be found within some of the folders) as the master copy will be located within the relevant submissions series.

    For non-submission records of the subsequent government, see VPRS 12792 Cabinet Committee Records II.

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