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Tourism II
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Date Range: 1981 - 1982
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In 1981 a Minister for Tourism was appointed and assumed responsibility for this function from the Minister for State Development, Decentralisation and Tourism (VRG 70).


The Minister was mainly responsible for promoting tourism, including the:

development of tourist facilities, the acquisition of property and the provision of financial assistance to individuals, government and non government agencies

provision of information and travel services

Victorian Government Travel Authority (VA 2990)

management of State owned tourist facilities

In the period 1981 to 1983 many changes were made in the administration of the tourism function, particularly during the first six months of 1981 when the Ministry for Economic Development (VA 2880) gradually assumed responsibility for functions previously administered by the Department of State Development, Decentralization and Tourism (VA 2881). Hence for a brief period, until the establishment of a Ministry of Tourism (VA 2879) in July 1981, administratively tourism was the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Development which reported to the Minister for Tourism in respect of these functions. However the Minister for Economic Development (VRG 71) resumed responsibility for the function in December 1982 after the abolition of the portfolio of Tourism.

For a brief account of tourism administration between 1888 and 1987 see VRG 91 Tourism III.

Liquor Licensing

For a brief period in 1982 the Minister for Tourism was also responsible for the Liquor Control Commission (VA 1110) until this function passed to the Minister for Economic Development (VRG 71) in late 1982. For a brief history of liquor licensing from 1968 to the present see VRG 82 Industry, Technology and Resources.

Location of Records

Few records are held at the Public Record Office. See the Summary Guide entry for VA 1110 Liquor Control Commission for records relating to liquor licensing.

See also List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, section 3.13.4.


Minister for Tourism 1981 - 1982
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1981 - 1981 Ministry for Economic Development VA 2880 Dept. of State
1981 - 1982 Ministry for Tourism II VA 2879 Dept. of State
1981 - 1982 Victorian Government Travel Authority VA 2990 Statutory Authority
1982 - 1982 Liquor Control Commission VA 1110 Statutory Authority
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1979 - 1982 Liquor licensing VF 94
1981 - 1982 Tourism VF 189