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Multicultural Affairs (previously Ethnic Affairs)
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Date Range: 1982 - cont
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In December 1982 the title of the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs was changed to Minister for Ethnic Affairs. The change of title of the Minister anticipated the transfer of the immigration function to the Commonwealth Government (VRG 87) which took effect from January 1983.

From January 1991 until August 1992 the Ethnic Affairs portfolio was amalgamated with several other portfolios to form the Ethnic, Municipal and Community Affairs portfolio. The various functions which were amalgamated remained relatively separate during the brief existence of the Ethnic, Municipal and Community Affairs portfolio.

In August 1992 a Minister for Ethnic Affairs was recommissioned.

In April 1996 a Minister for Multicultural Affairs was commissioned to undertake the responsibilities previously vested in the Minister for Ethnic Affairs.

Location of Records

No records relating to the administration of ethnic affairs have as yet been transferred to the Public Record Office from agencies in this Group. For records relating to the immigration function see the List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, section 3.10.2.


Minister for Ethnic Affairs 1982-1991, 1992-1996
Minister for Ethnic, Municipal and Community Affairs 1991-1992
Minister for Multicultural Affairs 1996-ct
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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1982 - 1991 Ministry of Ethnic Affairs (also known as Ministry of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs 1977 to 1983) VA 1042 Dept. of State
1982 - cont Victorian Multicultural Commission (formerly Ethnic Affairs Commission) VA 1029 Major Statutory Authority
1992 - cont Victorian Office of Multicultural Affairs (formerly Ethnic Affairs Unit 1992 - 1996 and Multicultural Affairs unit 1996 - 1999) VA 4193 Other Instrumentalities
2002 - 2007 Department for Victorian Communities VA 4562 Dept. of State
2007 - 2009 Department of Planning and Community Development VA 4838
2009 - cont Department of the Premier and Cabinet VA 1039 Dept. of State
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1982 - 1983 Immigration (twentieth century) VF 138
1982 - cont Ethnic affairs VF 231