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Date Range: 1949 - 1983
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Appointment and Functions

The Minister for Conservation was first appointed in 1949 with initial responsibility for soil conservation. From 1973 the portfolio was greatly expanded with the main additional functions and responsibilities being:

to conserve the State's fish and wildlife resources
to protect and manage National Parks
to advise on protection of the environment such as waste discharge, pollution and noise emissions
to co-ordinate the use and development of public land
to protect water catchment areas
to co-ordinate the development of the Port Phillip area and prevent deterioration of the foreshore (until 1981)
to administer and maintain the Zoological Gardens
to provide facilities for research, e.g. the Arthur Rylan Institute for Environmental Research and Marine Science Laboratories
to control licenses in relation to fisheries
to determine appeals relating to grants for commercial fishing licenses and waste discharge licenses.

From 1949 until 1973 when the Ministry for Conservation (VA 551) was established the Department of the Premier (VA 2717) provided administrative support to the Minister for Conservation. From 1973 a number of agencies and statutory bodies concerned with conservation and the environment were grouped into this portfolio, including the Soil Conservation Authority, Environment Protection Authority, the National Parks Service, the Port Phillip Authority (until 1981) and Land Conservation Council. The Fisheries and Wildlife Division of the Chief Secretary's Department (VA 475) became part of the Ministry of Conservation (VA 551) from 1973.

In 1975 the Minister also became responsible for the Victorian Archaeological Survey and from 1979 for animal protection and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the latter function subsequently being transferred to the Minister of Agriculture (VRG 34) in 1981. In the same year the Minister of Lands (VRG 18) resumed responsibility for the Port Phillip Authority.

In 1983 the environment protection and heritage conservation functions of the Minister for Conservation, except for Crown land conservation, protection of fisheries and wildlife, marine and soil conservation matters, and National Parks, passed to the Minister for Planning and Environment (VRG 65). Responsibility for the management and protection of the State's natural resources, including land and living terrestrial, aquatic and marine resources and of the Royal Melbourne Zoo was assumed by the Minister for Conservation, Forests and Lands (See VRG 75).

Location of Records

Some records of authorities and divisions have been transferred to the Public Record Office, although no central records of the Ministry of Conservation (VA 551) are held.

See also List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, sections 3.6.11 (Fisheries and Wildlife), 3.6.12-3.6.19 (National Parks) 3.16.20 (Royal Melbourne Zoo), 3.6.22 (Soil Conservation).


Minister of Conservation 1949 - 1983

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1949 - 1973 Department of the Premier (also known as Premier's Department 1960-1982) VA 2717 Dept. of State
1949 - 1983 Soil Conservation Authority (previously known as Soil Conservation Board 1940-1947; Land Conservation Authority 1947-1950) VA 1056 Statutory Authority
1971 - 1983 Land Conservation Council VA 1410 Statutory Authority
1973 - 1975 Mount Richmond National Park Committee of Management VA 4705
1973 - 1975 Mallacoota Inlet National Park Committee of Management VA 4708
1973 - 1976 Fraser National Park Committee of Management VA 4706
1973 - 1981 Port Phillip Authority VA 1102 Statutory Authority
1973 - 1981 Environment Protection Appeal Board VA 4855
1973 - 1983 Environment Protection Authority VA 1058 Major Statutory Authority
1973 - 1983 Wilson's Promontory National Park VA 542
1973 - 1983 Mount Buffalo National Park VA 543
1973 - 1983 Kinglake National Park VA 546
1973 - 1983 National Parks Service [known as National Parks Authority 1957-1971] VA 549 Sub Department
1973 - 1983 Ministry for Conservation VA 551 Dept. of State
1973 - 1983 Zoological Board of Victoria VA 572 Statutory Authority
1975 - 1983 Victoria Archaeological Survey (previously known as Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics Office 1972-1975) VA 1802 Sub Department
Functions related to this GroupFunctions related to this Group
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1949 - 1983 Soil conservation VF 178
1973 - 1981 Coastal management (port phillip area) VF 35
1973 - 1983 Fisheries and wildlife VF 98
1973 - 1983 National parks VF 173
1973 - 1983 Zoos VF 180
1973 - 1983 Environment protection (regulation) VF 182
1973 - 1983 Fisheries, commercial licences VF 230
1975 - 1983 Archaeological survey (maritime and historic) VF 183
1975 - 1983 Archaeological survey (aboriginal) VF 326
1979 - 1981 Animal protection VF 111
- 1983 Research institutes VF 229
- 1983 Planning (crown land use) VF 238
- 1983 Environment protection VF 328
- 1983 Environment effects statements VF 347