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Date Range: 1945 - 1987
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Appointment and Housing Functions

A Minister of Housing was first appointed in 1945. The Housing Commission (VA 508) had been established by the Housing Act 1937 (No.4531) and was initially responsible to the Treasurer (VRG 23) for the clearance of slum areas, improving existing housing, establishing minimum housing standards, providing public housing for persons with limited means and zoning areas for residential or other use. From 1945 funding was allocated to public housing under the terms of a Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement Act (No.5114) and the Housing Commission also became responsible for administering this function and directing the construction of large public housing estates. Although responsible to the newly appointed Minister of Housing from 1945, the Commission continued to be located within the Department of the Treasurer (VA 865), until 1973 when it became part of the newly established Ministry of Housing (VA 609). In 1983 the Commission was abolished and the Ministry restructured.

The Minister of Housing also inherited responsibility for registering and monitoring co-operative building societies from the Treasurer (VRG 23) in 1973, and was responsible for the Government Employee Housing Authority (VA 1356) until 1985 when it was transferred to the Property and Services portfolio (VRG 69).

From 1981 the Minister was also responsible for the Urban Land Authority (VA 1358) which was established under the Urban Land Authority Act 1979 (No.9320) and was initially responsible to the Minister of Planning (VRG 65) for the provision of developed and development allotments, facilitating the disposal of surplus government lands, and assisting in urban planning policy formulation. The Authority was also responsible for managing the land-related aspects of major State development projects until 1987 when a Minister for Major Projects (VRG 92) was appointed and the Major Projects Unit (VA 2979) established.

Minister in Charge of Materials 1947-1955

The Minister for Housing also had responsibility, as Minister in Charge of Materials, for the co-ordination and control of scarce building resources for the period 1947 to 1955. The chief function of this portfolio was the issuing of permits to build houses.

Administration of Aboriginal Affairs

In 1966 the Minister for Housing became briefly responsible for administering policy and programs relating to Aborigines in Victoria, although the staff of the Aborigines Welfare Board still reported to the Chief Secretary (VRG 26). In 1967 responsibility was assumed by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (appointed December 1967) and the new Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs (VA 2873). In 1975, following the transfer to the Commonwealth Government (VRG 87) of primary responsibility for the administration of policy and programs for Aborigines in 1974, the Minister for Housing became responsible for the provision of housing services for Aborigines.

NOTE: For more information about the history of the administration of policy and programs relating to Aborigines in Victoria, see VRG 58 Aboriginal Affairs.

Location of Records

Some records of the Housing Commission (VA 508) and Registry of Co-operative Societies have been transferred. See also List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, section 3.12.0.


Minister of Housing 1945-1947
Minister in Charge of Housing 1947-1955
Minister in Charge of Materials 1947-1955
Minister of Housing 1955-1985
Minister for Housing 1985-1987

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1945 - 1983 Housing Commission of Victoria VA 508 Dept. of State
1973 - 1987 Ministry of Housing VA 609 Dept. of State
1981 - 1987 Urban Land Corporation (formerly known as the Urban Land Authority) VA 1358 Statutory Authority
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1945 - 1987 Housing, public VF 174
- 1985 Government employee housing VF 214
- 1987 Major development projects co-ordination VF 277