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Date Range: 1836 - cont
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This group includes the records of individual cemeteries.

Public cemeteries have traditionally been governed by trustees appointed by the Governor-in-Council in accordance with the provisions of the various statutes concerning cemeteries. Municipal councils may be appointed trustees.

The trustees are responsible for the administration and maintenance of cemeteries, the making of regulations, the management of funds and the collection of fees and the registration of burials and cremations.

For records relating to central government administration of cemeteries see also VRG 39 Health, VRG 28 Public Works, VRG 18 Lands and VRG 26 Chief Secretary.

Location of Records

With one or two exceptions no cemetery records have been transferred to the Public Record Office.

See also List of Holdings 2nd edition, 1985, section 3.11.7 (Warringal records).

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1850 - cont Mount Moriac Cemetery Trust VA 4803 Other Instrumentalities
1854 - cont Warringal Cemetery Trust (Heidelberg) VA 684 Other Instrumentalities
1858 - cont Creswick Cemetery (Creswick Cemetery Trust) VA 5208
1860 - Circa 1959 Oakleigh General Cemetery Trust VA 4789
1861 - cont Teesdale Cemetery Trust VA 4804 Other Instrumentalities
1869 - 1985 Greta Public Cemetery Trust VA 2663 Other Instrumentalities
1870 - 1967 Welchman's Reef Cemetery Trust VA 4383 Other Instrumentalities
1873 - cont Walhalla Cemetery Trust VA 3010 Other Instrumentalities
1876 - cont Corinella Cemetery Trust VA 4966
1879 - 2001 Wunghnu Cemetery (Wunghnu Cemetery Trust 1879-1982; Numurkah Shire Council 1982-1994; Moira Shire Council 1994-2001) VA 5236
1882 - 2001 Numurkah Cemetery (Numurkah Cemetery Trust 1882-1974; Numurkah Shire Council 1975-1994; Moira Shire Council 1994-2001) VA 5235
1901 - 2010 The Trustees of the Necropolis, Springvale VA 1648
1906 - 2010 Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park [previously known as New Melbourne Cemetery, 1906-1971] VA 4857
2001 - cont Numurkah-Wunghnu Cemetery Trust VA 5234
2010 - cont Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust VA 5014
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