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Royal Commissions and Boards of Inquiry
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This group consists of the records of Royal Commissions and Boards of Inquiry.
Royal Commissions are issued in the form of Letters Patent which specify the personnel of the Commission, including the Chairman and the terms of reference.
Boards of Inquiry may be appointed by a Minister of the Crown, by Cabinet, or by the Governor-in-Council.

Responsibility for the management of Boards and Commissions of Inquiry rested with the Chief Secretary's Department (VA 475) until its abolition in 1979, when responsibility was assumed by the Attorney General's Department (previously the Law Department) VA 2825.

Location of Records

For records of Parliamentary Committees see VRG 20 Parliament. See also List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, section 14.0.0. Royal Commissions and Boards of Inquiry.

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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1859 - 1860 Civil Service Commission of Inquiry VA 2590
1871 - 1872 Coalfields Board VA 2642 Other Instrumentalities
1877 - 1892 Royal Commission upon the Parliament Buildings (commonly known as the Parliament Buildings Commission) VA 2953 Other Instrumentalities
1885 - 1885 Noxious Fumes Board VA 2640 Other Instrumentalities
1888 - 1888 Ventilation of Mines Board VA 2728 Other Instrumentalities
1888 - 1888 Royal Commission into the Ventilation and Lighting of the Legislative Assembly Chamber VA 2898 Other Instrumentalities
1889 - 1890 Safety Mining Cages Board VA 2600 Other Instrumentalities
1889 - 1890 Board on the Qualifications of Mining Managers VA 2641 Other Instrumentalities
1899 - 1901 Royal Commission on Technical Education VA 4089 Other Instrumentalities
1914 - 1916 Royal Commission on Closer Settlement VA 4703
1924 - 1924 Royal Commission into the Administration of the Hospital for the Insane at Kew VA 2927 Other Instrumentalities
1925 - 1925 Royal Commission on Soldier Settlement VA 2966 Other Instrumentalities
1928 - 1928 Royal Commission Appointed to Inquire into and Report upon the Control, Management, Working and Financial Position of the Victorian Railways VA 3121 Other Instrumentalities
1930 - 1933 Royal Commission Established to Investigate Complaints Made by Settlers and Ex-Settlers on the Land Under Migration Agreements of 1922-23 Between British, Commonwealth, and Victorian Governments VA 4697 Other Instrumentalities
1936 - ? 1941 Crown Leases Adjustment Committee VA 4699
1936 - 1937 Housing Investigation and Slum Abolition Board VA 3019 Other Instrumentalities
1936 - 1937 Royal Commission on the Expediency of Amending the Water Act 1928 VA 4024 Other Instrumentalities
1938 - 1938 Royal Commission on Industrial Life Assurance VA 4169 Other Instrumentalities
1939 - 1939 Royal Commission to Inquire into Bush Fires Which Burned in Victoria in January 1939 VA 4418 Other Instrumentalities
1942 - 1942 Royal Commission to Inquire into Certain Allegations in Respect of the Administration of the Licensing Laws VA 4692 Other Instrumentalities
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