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Water Resources II
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Date Range: 1992 - 1992
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A Minister for Water Resources was appointed in January 1992 and inherited responsibility for the water supply and resources and ground water resources responsibilities of the Minister for Conservation and Environment (VRG 94).

In October 1992, following the general election, the separate Water Resources portfolio was abolished and its functions transferred to the Minister for Natural Resources within the Conservation and Environment portfolio (VRG 94).


The water functions encompass responsibility for water supply and resources including groundwater resources, Melbourne Water (VA 1007), the Rural Water Corporation and other water authorities. Further research is required to fully describe these functions.

Activities associated with these functions include:

the provision of water and water related services for irrigation, domestic and stock uses and for commercial, industrial, recreational and environmental purposes within rural Victoria and the Melbourne Metropolitan area

the development of public education programmes to encourage the more efficient management and use of the State's water resources

supervision and co-ordination of the various local water and sewerage authorities

the design, construction and maintenance of installations and facilities necessary for the provision of water, sewerage and irrigation services.

See also VRG 33 Water and Sewerage Authorities.


Minister for Water Resources January 1992 - October 1992.

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Agencies within this GroupAgencies within this Group
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Date within Group Agency Title Agency Number Agency Hierarchy
1992 - 1992 First Mildura Irrigation Trust VA 1429 Other Instrumentalities
1992 - 1992 Rural Water Commission VA 2338 Other Instrumentalities
1992 - 1992 Department of Water Resources II VA 3132 Dept. of State
1992 - 1992 Rural Water Corporation VA 4234 Other Instrumentalities
1992 - 1993 Tarwin Valley Water Board VA 2258
1992 - 1994 Alberton Water Board VA 2223
1992 - 1994 Leongatha Water Board VA 2235
1992 - 1994 Wonthaggi - Inverloch Water Board VA 2558
1992 - 1994 South Gippsland Water Board VA 2677
1992 - 1994 Korumburra Water Board VA 4723
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Date within Group Function Title Function Number
1992 - 1992 Rural water supply VF 122
1992 - 1992 Groundwater resources VF 149