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Education (technical/vocational) to c.1987
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Description of this FunctionDescription of this Function
This function is concerned with the provision of technical and vocational education to c. 1987. This includes education and training conducted through Technical and Further Education (TAFE) providers (including education done as part of an apprenticeship), Colleges of Advanced Education and Institutes of Technology. For apprenticeships and other forms of on-the-job training, see VF 121 Industrial and apprenticeship training. Technical and vocational education is concerned with the provision of education that is practical or vocational in nature, and results in a degree or certificate which allows a certain level of work in a particular industry. Technical and vocational courses often have a practical component or work placement; however, these are different than the formal system of apprenticeships required in some industries. Apprentices are often required to take classes as part of their apprenticeships; this function includes these classes, but not the apprenticeship itself. Technical education began with the establishment of Schools of Mines and industries and Mechanics Institutes in the 19th century. The first technical institutes were the Schools of Mines established in the 1870s at Ballarat, Bendigo and the Working Men's College (later Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) established in 1887. Senior technical colleges traditionally offered trade technician certificate and diploma courses in a wide range of technical and scientific fields, including apprenticeship trades, architecture, art, building, commerce, management, public administration and the various branches of engineering and metallurgy, pure and applied science. Post secondary, technical and vocational education, and adult and community education programs continued to be provided through technical schools, Education Department technical colleges and the technical colleges associated with some of the colleges of advanced education. From 1973, this sector of education became known as TAFE or Technical and Further Education. In 1980, the Technical and Further Education Board (VA 1176) was established. It was responsible for the administration, accreditation and distribution of funding to TAFEs in Victoria. Establishment of the State Training Board In 1987, the Government consolidated the boards responsible for training in Victoria by abolishing the previous boards, the Industrial Training Commission (responsible for apprenticeships; VA 900) and the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Board (responsible for TAFE education; VA 1176). By an Order in Council under the provisions of the Post-Secondary Education Act 1978, the State Training Board (VA 3002) was established. Its main functions were to co-ordinate and administer the Government's training policies and administer the technical and vocational training services provided by the state and public authorities. The order took effect from 30 November 1987; however, it was not until 1 March 1991 and the proclamation of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1990 (No. 45/1990) that the previous boards (TAFE Board and Industrial Training Commission) were formally abolished. Research note: The consolidation of all boards with responsibility for vocational education and training into the State Training Board in 1987 meant that all types of education and training were now the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Training (VA 1112), rather than being split between the Ministry and the Department of Labour (VA 2777). This change in function is reflected in the change in function title in the PROV system. Researchers interested in records prior to 1987 should see this function and associated functions and agencies (particularly VF 314 education (post-secondary) to c. 1987; and VF 319 education (university) to c. 1987). These functions were consolidated to form VF 318 education (tertiary) post c. 1987, which includes all forms of tertiary education and training post-1987.
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    Industrial and apprenticeship training VF 121
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Agencies with prime responsibility for this FunctionAgencies with prime responsibility for this Function
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Date of Responsibility Agency Title Agency Number
1873 - 1980 Education Department VA 714
1983 - 1987 Technical and Further Education Board VA 1176
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Date of Responsibility Agency Title Agency Number
1937 - 1981 Preston Institute of Technology (previously known as Preston Technical School 1937-1964, Preston Technical College 1965- 1967, Preston Institute of Technology 1968-1981) VA 1212
1959 - 1973 Coburg Teachers' College VA 5211
1973 - 1981 State College of Victoria at Coburg VA 5188
1979 - Circa 1987 Sunraysia Institute of Technical and Further Education (previously Sunraysia College of Technical and Further Education 1979-1995) VA 1216
1982 - Circa 1987 Phillip Institute of Technology VA 1052
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Date of Responsibility Group Title Group Number
1873 - 1987 Education VRG 35