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Series title: Rate Books (Hotham / North Melbourne)
Item title: Volume 18: Hotham Ward 1872-1873
Item number: Volume 18
Date range: 1872 - 1873
Public access: Open
Format: Digital

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Series number: VPRS 5707
Consignment number: P0003
Copyright in this material is held by the State of Victoria.
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1872: Rate nos. 0001-0660
3153-5707-Volume 18-images 01-20
1/1/1872 53568 KB
1872: Rate nos. 0661-1293
3153-5707-Volume 18-images 21-40
1/1/1872 52894 KB
1872: Rate nos. 1294-1914
3153-5707-Volume 18-images 41-60
1/1/1872 52832 KB
1872: Rate nos. 1915-2508
3153-5707-Volume 18-images 61-80
1/1/1872 52688 KB
1872: Rate nos. 2509-3071A
3153-5707-Volume 18-images 81-100
1/1/1872 52408 KB
1872: Rate nos. 3072-3236
3153-5707-Volume 18-images 101-106
1/1/1872 15689 KB
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