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Series title: State Bank Victoria Archives - Photographic Collection
Series number: VPRS 8935
Consignment number: P0001
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Public access: Open
Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 - Open North Melbourne
Item 3 Pioneer's Cottage, Victoria Rd c1890 - Open North Melbourne
Item 4 Head Office Personnel Market Street, 1912 Depicts Head Office Staff at Market Street prior to move to Elizabeth Street. A. Cooch and G. Emery are 7th & 8th from left seated, bottom row. There are three copies of this photo. Two are not framed, whilst one is. The frame is made of wood and is a da - Open North Melbourne
Item 5 Market Street Branch Personnel Depicts Market Street. Head Office personnel standing out the front of the building. - Open North Melbourne
Item 6 Head Office (Market, Bourke & Flinders Streets) Personnel - Open North Melbourne
Item 7 Head Office(New Accounts) Personnel 1913 Depicts the original staff of New Accounts centre from Elizabeth Street, 1913. Names of personnel on back of the re-printed photograph. - Open North Melbourne
Item 8 Head Office (Elizabeth Street) Personnel, 1914 Depicts banking chamber staff at the outbreak of the Great War in August, 1914. Union Jack flag looms dominantly in foreground. Names of staff type-written on back of photograph. - Open North Melbourne
Item 9 Personnel - Collins, Market, Bourke & Flinders St, 1912 Depicts the complete staffs of: Collins Street, Market Street, Bourke Street and Flinders Street. - Open North Melbourne
Item 10 Head Office (New Accounts) Personnel, 1920 Depicts New Accounts staff from Elizabeth Street, posing at front of building. - Open North Melbourne
Item 12 Head Office Personnel - Advances Department, 1926 Depicts Advances Department staff, Christmass, 1926. Location uncertain . Photograph in folder with complete list of names. - Open North Melbourne
Item 13 Head Office Personnel - Services Department, 1929 Depicts Service Department Staff At Work In 1929. Photograph Appeared In The "Sun" 30.11.29, Under The Title, "Santa Claus Savings Are Being Counted Here " - A Direct Reference To The Special Definite Purpose Savings Scheme Instituted By The Department, W - Open North Melbourne
Item 14 Head Office Personnel with Bachelor of commerce 1934. Depicts bank officers from Head Office staff who have taken the degree of B. Commerce from the University of Melbourne. - Open North Melbourne
Item 15 Head Office (Senior Officers) Personnel, 1934 Depicts senior departmental officers, 1934. List of officers on back of folder. Front Row: G.B. Leith (Chief Architect), A.W.H. Gordon (Branch Secretary), N.E.E. Graydon (Chief Accountant), N.R. Williams, B. Com., O.B.E. (Secretary), W.J. Masters (Chief - Open North Melbourne
Item 16 Head Office (Elizabeth Street Branch) Personnel, 1935 Depicts Manager, H.P. Virtue & Staff Of Head Office, Elizabeth Street, 1935. - Open North Melbourne
Item 20 Sports Teams - Football, 1913 Depicts Football Team 1913. M. Cook, Manager, Present Extreme Right Back Row. - Open North Melbourne
Item 21 Sports Teams - Cricket, c1920-21 Depicts Cricket Team, 1920-21 - Open North Melbourne
Item 22 Sports Teams - Football, 1921. Depicts the State Savings Bank football team who were Premiers of the Victorian Inter-Bank Football Association in 1921. Members of the team include Geo. Gillam, Geo. Nason, A. J. Ross, Bill O'Connor, Bill Benson, Norm Dunn, B. Davidson, Mons Garton, R. C - Open North Melbourne
Item 23 Sports Teams - Cricket - Open North Melbourne
Item 24 Sports Teams - Football, 1923 Depicts S.S.B. Football Team, premiers 1923 at the M.C.G. All players named. - Open North Melbourne
Item 25 Sports Teams - Football, 1922 Depicts S.S.B. Football Team at M.C.G. in 1924. - Open North Melbourne