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Series title: Register of Foreign Companies
Series number: VPRS 8272
Consignment number: P0001
Consignment description:
Public access: Open
Format: Physical
A list of records in this ConsignmentA list of records in this Consignment
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 VOL F1, Foreign Company Nos.1-500, registered between, 18/02/1897-13/06/1906, - Open North Melbourne
2 VOL F2, Foreign Company Nos.501-1000, registered between, 15/06/1906-03/01/1920, - Open North Melbourne
3 VOL F3, Foreign Company Nos.1001-1500, registered between, 03/02/1920-24/04/1929, - Open North Melbourne
4 VOL F4, Foreign Company Nos.1501-2000, registered between, 21/06/1929-23/04/1941, - Open North Melbourne
5 VOL F5, Foreign Company Nos.2001-2500, registered between, 02/05/1941-06/04/1951, - Open North Melbourne
6 VOL F6, Foreign Company Nos.2501-3000, registered between, 09/04/1951-01/09/1955, - Open North Melbourne
7 VOL F7, Foreign Company Nos.3001-3500, registered between, 01/09/1955-10/09/1958, - Open North Melbourne
8 VOL F8, Foreign Company Nos.3501-4000, registered between, 10/09/1958-12/10/1960, - Open North Melbourne
9 VOL F9, Foreign Company Nos.4001-4498, registered between, 17/10/1960-29/06/1962, - Open North Melbourne
10 VOL F10, Foreign Company Nos.4502-5000, registered between, 16/07/1962-20/02/1964, - Open North Melbourne
11 VOL F11, Foreign Company Nos.5001-5500, registered between, 20/02/1964-24/08/1965, - Open North Melbourne
12 VOL F12, Foreign Company Nos.5501-6000, registered between, 25/08/1965-25/10/1966, - Open North Melbourne
13 VOL F13, Foreign Company Nos.6001-6499, registered between, 25/10/1966-04/12/1967, - Open North Melbourne
14 VOL F14, Foreign Company Nos.6501-7000, registered between, 05/12/1967-07/12/1968, - Open North Melbourne
15 VOL F15, Foreign Company Nos.7001-7500, registered between, 02/12/1968-06/10/1969, - Open North Melbourne
16 VOL F16, Foreign Company Nos.7503-7999, registered between, 07/10/1969-10/07/1970, - Open North Melbourne
17 VOL F17, Foreign Company Nos.8001-8500, registered between, 10/07/1970-01/03/1971, - Open North Melbourne
18 VOL F18, Foreign Company Nos.8501-9000, registered between, 01/03/1971-07/01/1972, - Open North Melbourne
19 VOL F19, Foreign Company Nos.9001-9092, registered between, 10/01/1972-15/03/1972, - Open North Melbourne