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Series title: Exhibits to Submissions Presented
Series number: VPRS 5465
Consignment number: P0000
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Public access: Open
Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 Bagmakers; Bread Trade; Bricklayers; Brushmakers/Millet Broom; Butter Factories & Condenseries; Cemetery Employees - Open North Melbourne
2 Cleaners; Commerical Clerks; Country Fire Brigade Officers; Commerical Travellers; Firefighters (Part) - Open North Melbourne
3 Firefighters (Part); Frozen Goods; Hospital Administrative Officers; H. & B.H. - Open North Melbourne
4 Hospital Executives; H.M.A.S. (Part) - Open North Melbourne
5 H.M.A.S. (Part) - Open North Melbourne
6 H.M.A.S. (Part); Hospital Pharmacists; Hospital Resident Medical Officers; Hospital Scientists; H.R. & B.H.; Journalists - Open North Melbourne
7 Kindergarten Teachers; Manufacturing Chemists; Mothercraft Nurses; Motor Drivers; Pastrycooks; Photographers; Photographic Goods; Plasterers; Plumbers - Open North Melbourne
8 Port Emergency Service; Pottery; Process Engravers; Production Planning; Radio; Registered Nurses (Part)/Hospital Nurses - Open North Melbourne
9 Registered Nurses (Part) - Open North Melbourne
10 Registered Nurses (Part); Retail Dairy; Roofing Tiles; Sausage Casings; Seamens; Scientific & Technical Workers; Shops Board No.6 (Chemists) - Open North Melbourne
11 Slaughtering for Export; Social Workers (Part) - Open North Melbourne
12 Social Workers (Part); Special Service Firemens; S.P. & S.; Sugar Refiners - Open North Melbourne
13 Teachers (D.T.C.); Theatre Managers; Tilelayers - Open North Melbourne