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Series title: Glass Plate Negatives, SECV Latrobe Valley Photo Collection
Series number: VPRS 17334
Consignment number: P0001
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Public access: Closed
Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 Yallourn Open Cut and Dredgers, Railway Trucks, Transmission Line, Bucyrus Bucket Excavator and Rail Line; Yallourn Power Station 1925 - 1930 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
2 Yallourn Open Cut, Bucket Chain Dredger and Rail Lines, Transmission Lines and Poles, Early Yallourn Township, Briquette Factory, Electric Coal Trains and Coal Carts, horse drawn carts 1924 - 1929 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
3 Yallourn Township Shopping Area, Main Office Foundations, State Elementary School No. 4085 ?, Power Station Cooling Water System, 1922 - 1925 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
4 Yallourn Open Cut Rail Lines and Rail Trucks, Open Cut Batter Collapse, Yallourn Township, Construction of the ropeway yard and trucks to the Yallourn Power Station, Interior of Church with Casket and Floral Tributes 1923 - 1929 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
5 Yallourn Open Cut, Batters and Locomotive pulling trucks, Yallourn Power Station Screen House and Yallourn Power Station Steep Haulage Line, Construction of Telpher, Yallourn Township from Latrobe Avenue, Coal Mining and transport 1920 - 1928 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
6 745 Yallourn Open Cut Overburden Removal, Yallourn Power Station Construction, Rail Tracks, Dredger and Buildings, Yallourn Power Station Levelling Site with Horse, Rail Tracks and Construction, Travelling Loading Machine 1922 - 1928 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
7 Yallourn Open Cut, Bucket Dredger Loading Coal into Travelling Loading Machine, Yallourn Power Station Coal Handling Equipment under Construction, Coal Screen House and Hoppers, Old Morwell Brown Coal Mine Access, Rail Tracks and Horse Drawn Cart 1921 - 1927 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
8 Yallourn Township Construction of Timber and Brick Houses, Yallourn Post Office Opened in 1925, interior view of Yallourn Church, 1925 - 1926 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
9 Construction of Yallourn A Power Station Turbine Room, Damaged Truck on Yallourn Open Cut No. 1 Ropeway, Latrobe River Flood 1924, View of Interior of Church with Casket and Floral Tributes, 1922 - 1928 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
10 Yallourn Open Cut Batter Collapse, Steam Locomotive with Coal Rakes, Yallourn A Power Station Site and Yallourn Main Office, Yallourn Picture Theatre and Town Square, Houses under Construction 1922 - 1939 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
11 Yallourn Township Houses Under Construction, Railway Tracks, 1926 - 1926 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
12 Yallourn Works Area with Yallourn Briquette Factory Chimney , Yallourn Township Houses, Yallourn Main Office, Yallourn Water Storage and Service Reservoir 1923 - 1925 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
13 Rail Mounted 250R Ruston Shovel in Yallourn Open Cut , Rail Lines, Dredgers and Yallourn Power Station , Yallourn Open Cut Batter Collapse, Latrobe River Flood, Latrobe River Pumping Station, Screen House and Hoppers, Ropeway bringing coal carts to Screen House 1925 - 1929 Closed (s11) North Melbourne
14 General Electric - Instructions Type C Portable Dynamic Balancing Equipment, Photograph of Painting by G H Martin, Yallourn A Power Station, Flow Chart of Steam System, Rubicon, Sugarloaf , Kiewa Power Stations, Eildon Weir on the Goulburn River 1928 - 1960 Closed (s11) North Melbourne