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Series title: Index to VPRS 17102 Photographic Prints and B & W Negatives, Multiple Number, P prefix, SECV Latrobe Valley Photo Collection
Series number: VPRS 17103
Consignment number: P0001
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Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 Division and Sub-Division Index. P1/1/1 - Division Administration Sub-Division: Charts, Programmes etc. Description: Record of Disabling Injuries (Safety) Division: Open Cut Conveyors - Common Components & Common Facilities. Sub-Division: Loy Yang Coal Conveyor System L300 Series Conveyors. Description: Loy Yang Open Cut L320 Conveyor - Motor Drive No. 4 Damaged Bearings. 1974 - 1989 Open North Melbourne
2 P50/128/1 - Division: Conveyors Movable Sub-Division: No. 128 Description: 128 Conveyor Damage Details P110/14-1/2 - Division: Jeeralang Gas Turbine Station Sub-Division: Electrical - Switchgear Description: Transformer No. 3 Bushing Before Being Withdrawn at Jeeralang Terminal Station 1974 - 1979 Open North Melbourne