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Series title: Photograph Albums, SECV Latrobe Valley Photo Collection
Series number: VPRS 17092
Consignment number: P0013
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Public access: Open
Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 Yallourn Power Station, Briquette Factory, Open Cut, Ropeways, Transmission Assets, Township, Reservoir Construction. Old Brown Coal Mine. Floods and Reconstruction. ALBUMS 1921 - 1944 Open North Melbourne
2 Yallourn Power Station Construction, Switchyard, Boiler Damage from Explosion, Briquette Factory Construction and Operation. ALBUMS 1948 - 1964 Open North Melbourne
3 Yallourn Power Station, Open Cut, Briquette Factory, Dredgers, Steep Haulage, Control Room, Rubicon, Yarraville and Richmond Terminal Stations, Yallourn Hospital, General Store, Sports Oval ALBUMS Circa 1919 - Circa 1934 Open North Melbourne
4 Turbo Generator Plant, Coal Supply, Works Area, Floods ALBUMS Circa 1919 - 1939 Open North Melbourne
5 Yallourn Temporaty Power Station Site, Buildings, Quarry, Brickmaking Plant, Railways, Sawmill, Roads, Workshops, Stores, Main Office, Floods. ALBUMS Circa 1921 - Circa 1927 Open North Melbourne
6 Dr Herman Album - Great Morwell Open Cut, German Power Industry, Yallourn Power Station and Mine Constuction. Power Station Superintendent Boiler Plant Yallourn A Power Station. ALBUMS Circa 1916 - Circa 1947 Open North Melbourne
7 Brown Coal Mine, Experimental Shafts, Latrobe River, Sludge Dump Brown Coal Mine, Yallourn Band and Parade, Temporary Power Plant Construction, East Camp Men, Portable Railway Huts for Married Staff, The Weir. ALBUMS Circa 1920 - Circa 1959 Open North Melbourne
8 Yallourn Temporaty Power Station, Floods, Fire, Western Camp, Yallourn Township, Power Station and Weir Construction, Dewatering Open Cut. ALBUMS Circa 1921 - Circa 1956 Open North Melbourne
9 Yallourn Power Station Construction, Yallourn Briquette Factory, Migrant Families from Britain ALBUMS Circa 1926 - Circa 1967 Open North Melbourne