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Series title: General Subject Files (Occupational Health Unit)
Series number: VPRS 10958
Consignment number: P0001
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Public access: Open
Format: Physical
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 Drivers Medical Forms, Aims of the Occupational Unit, (Aims & Objectives) Commonwealth Employment Program, Computer Software, Designated Medical Examiners, Distribution List, Doctors Authorisation, 1986-1990, - Open North Melbourne
2 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Student Attendance, Cardiac Rehabilitation Support Group, Cardiopulmonary Resusc Circulation & Respiration Handouts, Occupatioal Health Unit Newsletter, Cardio Pulmonary Resusc Certification for Students, 1985-1989, - Open North Melbourne
3 Drs Time Agreement, SBE Guideline Spectacle Claim, Fee for Service, Clerical Staff Reviewed, Drug & Alcohol Policy, Case Conference List, Computer Information, 1987-1989, - Open North Melbourne
4 Outside Departments, Role of OHU, Divers Medicals, 1983-1990; - Open North Melbourne