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Consignment Details
Series title: Children's Court Registers
Series number: VPRS 10589
Consignment number: P0000
Consignment description:
Public access: Part Open
Format: Physical
A list of records in this ConsignmentA list of records in this Consignment
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Unit No. Item Description Date Range Access Location
1 16/08/1907 - 08/08/1911 1907 - 1911 Open North Melbourne
2 01/09/1911 - 25/11/1913 1911 - 1913 Open North Melbourne
3 09/12/1913 - 26/05/1916 1913 - 1916 Open North Melbourne
4 01/06/1916 - 30/10/1917 1916 - 1917 Open North Melbourne
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A consignment comprises records belonging to a single series.

This page includes information about the consignment and a list of all the units and items it contains.

To order from this page, select the unit/items to be ordered and click "Order selected entries"

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